The "Rapa das Bestas" festival

Wild horses can be seen roaming free all year round, also in the months of June and July when the horse festivals take place.

When June arrives, celebrations of the eagerly awaited "Curros" begin in Rías Baixas.  A "curro" is the stone enclosure where wild horses are kept after their capture and where the cutting of the manes and branding of the horses takes place. This farming job has become a festival that attracts large numbers of international visitors to Galicia every year.

The "ruta de los curros" (curros route)  begins on 2nd June in Torroña, Oia. Its most notable feature is the location of the "rapa" (mane shearing), presided over by the grand A Groba mountain range which rises 600 metres above sea level.  

The second weekend of June, the "curro" of Mougás takes place, also in the municipality of Oia, with horses from the slopes of the A Groba sierra. Legend has it that, as far back as the 13th century, the monks of Oia reared horses in the wild.

On the 15th June, the "rapa" moves on to Morgadáns.  Just like in Torroña, the location of the curro itself is remarkable – at the foot of Mount Galiñero, at the crossroad of the municipalities of O Porriño, Vigo and Gondomar.

But perhaps the most visually stunning event in the province of Pontevedra takes place at Sabucedo, A Estrada, where horses and mares are branded during the first three days of July. This celebration has been declared an event of International Tourist Interest.

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