Campo Lameiro, capital of prehistoric rock art in Galicia

The Rock Art Archaeological Park of Campo Lameiro offers a unique experience, the opportunity to take a trip back in time to discover the hidden meaning of petroglyphs. This is one of the most important rock art sites in the European continent. Here you will have the opportunity to learn about the daily life during the Bronze Age, as well as the symbols left in the stones in an educational, playful and participatory manner.

Writing (glyph) in stone (petro) is exactly what this term means, giving rise to several theories aimed to interpret its meaning and the lives of those who had left their mark in the stones up to the present day.

In 64 km we find the largest number of petroglyphs in Galicia. This is the earliest artistic manifestation of the region designated as a Historic Artistic Monument in 1974. The Rock Art Archaeological Park, opened in 2011, protects and disseminates the history and culture around petroglyphs: when and why they were made, how they were hidden, who discovered them and what are the mechanisms used to study and preserve them for future generations. With explanations provided by guides and explanatory panels we learn whether a stone carving is abstract or figurative, what they wanted to represent when they carved a deer or a spear and why a footprint on a rock or a material as soft as chalk can cause an irreparable damage on them.

The Archeological Park, included in the cultural route of the European Council "Prehistoric Rock Art Trails", has developed attractive cultural, educational and leisure activities based on Galician petroglyphs.

There you can:

• Visit an attractive and inspiring exhibition

• Walk through an extraordinary cultural landscape and discover some of the most beautiful Galician petroglyphs

• Travel back in time and visit a recreation of a 4,000 year-old village

• Participate in different activities that combine heritage contents and recreational experiences, such as hunting with a bow or starting a fire without matches or lighters.

The Archaeological Park has a cafeteria, a restaurant and a shop.

The Interpretation Centre is equipped with modern facilities in a building integrated into the landscape, where you will not only learn about other carvings in Galicia but also the strong resemblance they bear to the petroglyphs found in other parts of the world.

Once outside the facility, you can go into the forest, following the marked paths leading to the different rock art sites. This guided tour allows you to delve into the life of the community that inhabited the valleys of the Lérez River in the Bronze Age, while enjoying a walk through hundred-year-old oak and chestnut trees.


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