Spot the three rías from a single point

The park is an important refuge and breeding area for hundreds of wild animal species.

The Aula da Natureza de Cotorrendondo (‘nature workshop') is located in the Lake Castiñeiras Nature Park. It comprises environmental education facilities where you can find out about the different itineraries and activities available at the park, as well as information about the local environment and heritage.

Plenty of tourist attractions are offered:

  • Interesting archaeological sites, mámoas (tombs) and petroglyphs from the Megalithic period and the Bronze Age.
  • Hiking routes (you will find panels indicating the different trails throughout the park).
  • The Cotorredondo mirador (observation tower), from which you can observe the Pontevedra Ría (sea inlet), San Simón cove in the Vigo Ría, and on clear days the Arousa Ría too.

A forest environment such as this attracts dozens of bird species throughout the year, as well as mammals whose tracks bear witness to their visits.  Some species, such as deer, can be spotted from fauna observatories scattered throughout the park.

The Parque da Natureza de Cotorredondo is set around the lake and its inflows, creating a space in which native species coexist beautifully with trees from very different origins. More than 40 different species of trees and bushes as well as a variety of mosses and mushrooms, can be found here.

In short, this is most definitely a place to discover and remember for a long time to come.

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Attractions of the Experience
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