Contemporary Galician art

Contemporary art evokes mixed feelings in the society that saw its birth and evolution. Passion, contempt, reflection, indifference... are some of the feelings that it generates in the spectators. The pieces of art exhibited on the third floor of the Sixth Building and on the second floor of the Sarmiento building in the hall housing the collection of Sánchez Mesas-Fernández de Tejada, invite us to reflect upon, enjoy and contemplate this visual poetry.

This experience aims to bring the Spanish - especially Galician - contemporary art closer to the public, through the permanently exhibited collections of the Museum.

The experience is tailored in two directions. The first is aimed at contemporary art lovers with a selection of main works by famous artists like Picasso, Dalí or Miró, by Galicians from the group "Os Renovadores" and by the next generations of artists, some of them students or teachers in the Faculty of Fine Arts located in our city. Special mention must be made of the presence of nationally and internationally famous artists such as Arturo Souto, Juana Francés, Luís Seoane, Maruja Mallo, Leopoldo Nóvoa, Francisco Leiro or Claudio Bravo. The second targets a non-specialised audience who find it very difficult to approach contemporary art. Accordingly a tour will give the visitor some guidance in understanding or receiving the aesthetic or ideological message of abstract art.

Visits can be made individually to the rooms dedicated to contemporary art in the Sixth Building or Sarmiento, or by arranging a free guided visit with the Didactic Department of the Museum who will provide all the necessary information to make this tour both fun and educational for all audiences.

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