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Going for a hike in As Rías Baixas

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Take your backpack and your canteen. We are going on a tour around As Rías Baixas and we will do it on foot. The project DepoAndainas, fostered by the Deputación de Pontevedra, will offer five guided circular tours to discover different towns of the province. You can join one, some or all of them.

A Illa de Arousa. O Carreirón (18th June)

A Illa de Arousa, one of the biggest islands in Galicia, always impresses visitors. On this journey, starting in O Bao and continuing along ten kilometres, you can get to know the Natural Park O Carreirón. You will pass through a walkway, from where you can see the beaches of As Xestelas, a Lameira, Dente de Can or Lontreira, as well as the cons (rocks) of Os Tres Pés (the three feet), O Fociño do Porco (the pig's snout) and Cocodrilo (crocodile). The Carreirón Lagoon, a perfect setting to discover the wildlife of the area, will be one of our last stops. At the end of the journey you can engage in an activity based on bird photography.

Cambados. Natural Path of A Pastora-Umia (9th July)

Cambados is the starting and ending point of this seven-kilometre route. You will walk for four hours to discover a different and less bustling Cambados. You will stop in A Pastora Hill, with stunning views of the town: the mouth of the Umia River and the ría (coastal inlet) de Arousa until Sálvora Island. After that, you will visit the ruins of Santa Mariña Church and the Museo Etnográfico e do Viño (Ethnographic and Wine Museum), where you will find hórreos (typical raised stone granaries), vineyards and unique natural landscapes. On your way back, all along the Umia River, you will enjoy the wildlife in the wetland Complejo Intermareal Umia-O Grove. In addition, you will have the opportunity to participate in a geocaching activity.

Vilaboa and Cíes Islands (10th September)

Eight hours and ten kilometres for this tour which includes a boat ride to the Cíes Islands. This route will go through the Sendeiro dos Muiños (the watermills route) in Vilaboa, one of the most popular hiking trails in Galicia. The journey starts in the Salinas (salt mine) do Ulló and continues through Toural, Río, Cimadevila, Postemirón and Graña, before sailing towards the National Maritime-Terrestrial Park of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia from the port of Cangas. You will relax on the Rodas Beach and then, you will continue until O Príncipe, the top of the Monte Agudo Hill. A workshop on bird photography will complete the journey around one of the most popular areas in As Rías Baixas.

Way of Saint James. Tui-O Porriño (24th September)

Why not put your hiking boots on and enjoy a pilgrim experience? This is our suggestion for this ten-kilometre route in which, for four hours, you can immerse yourself in the history of the Way of Saint James. The tour begins on the international bridge of the Miño River and goes along the Portuguese Way to Santiago de Compostela, through Tui and its old town, the parish of San Bartolomeu de Rebordánds, the As Febres Bridge and the stream of San Simón. At this point, you will start the return journey, but before that, you will have the opportunity to participate in a workshop on identification of animal tracks and orienteering.

Soutomaior. Stone and water (15th October)

You can walk for three hours along this 7.2-kilometre route, which starts and finishes in one of the most attractive places in the province of Pontevedra: the Soutomaior Castle. Stone buildings, streams, rivers and an unforgettable landscape will make you feel part of the history of the place, its medieval battles and the past local lifestyle. After leaving the castle and its botanical garden, you will head to the Verdugo River to reach the Camboa Bridge, the river beach and the Poza das Bestas (a natural river pool). There, the remains of some watermills are a mark of its past. Later, you will go from O Sobral to the castle. At the end of the journey, you can take part in an activity which introduces you to archery. You will feel as a medieval knight.

In short, five different ways to enjoy the province of Pontevedra and As Rías Baixas. The registration period begins 15 days before the date of each tour. Come and join us!

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