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The "hobbits" of the Illa da Toxa

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The Grobit Village, inspired by The Lord of the Rings, is one of the most original parks for children in As Rías Baixas. The Illa da Toxa is home to these hobbits' distant relatives. According to the legend, grobits live in the depths of the hot springs, they emerge from them and reach the ground, and then they wander through the pines and sleep in half-buried mini houses.

These fantastic creatures that inhabit the Illa da Toxa, in the municipality of O Grove, look like hobbits, although they live underground just like dwarves. According to the popular belief, grobits use the tiny houses of this small village, located in a forest park of 210,000 square metres, as their residence when they decide to reach the surface. There is a sign at the park that says: "They climb the pines and go down from them like squirrels and when they get tired, they come home and rest."

In fact, this small village is one of the most imaginative parks in As Rías Baixas to spend a day with your family. These miniature houses replicate the preferred dwellings of the hobbits in
The Lord of the Rings trilogy by J. R. R. Tolkien, half-buried and covered by vegetation. The park area, which is circular shaped, has original games made with acacia wood, apart from having a scaled-down table specially for these fantastic creatures, several stools and mushrooms. There are also trees of different colours that enhance the uniqueness of this small village.

It is a public space and there is a dog park in the surrounding area where dogs are allowed to run off-leash while you take a walk. Moreover, you can find in the same area the protected home of the fariñeiros (Galician breed of donkeys), with several specimens that will put a smile on the children's faces.

Furthermore, the Illa da Toxa is ideal for walking along a beautiful natural environment. This island, linked to the mainland by a modernist bridge, is popular for its hot springs and the soap factory, and it has a large network of trails around its territory.

This island covers 110 hectares. The discovery of medicinal waters was the origin of its transformation into a spa and leisure centre after the construction of the old spa. Nowadays there is a casino, a spa, a congress centre, sport facilities, including a golf course, and several hotels. The forest park occupies a large area in the heart of the Illa da Toxa. According to the legend, grobits wander around that area, through the pines. Even though they are so hard to find, the small village is freely accessible to the visitors to spend some leisure time.

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