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Redondela: culture, sports and history to enjoy all the year round

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Redondela is the town of the viaducts, since up to three bridges lie over its buildings. You can take part in many different activities in its 13 coastal and inland parishes.

If you want to practice sports: taking a walk, hiking or even mountain biking are some of the possibilities to explore the many paths through the woods. The Water Path, also known as A Traída, is the most famous. This 20-km path, running mostly through Redondela, goes from Vigo to the town of Pazos de Borbén.

The town is on the coast and so water sports, such as rowing, are popular, but it is possible to practise others which depend on the wind as windsurf or kitesurf in the beach located in the place of Cesantes. This region, called The Punta, in the shape of an arrow, seems to point directly to the San Simón Island.

Redondela-San Simón

San Simón is a thousand-year-old island. Although its history may go further into the past, the first historic references to it date from around the 13th century, from the times of the Knights Templar.

These enigmatic and spiritual, and still little known, warriors used to protect the Christian pilgrims along the main routes, and the islands of San Simón and San Antón are among the very few places they chose. Both islands are joined by a bridge which has survived a past of wars, tempests and corsair attacks, and which is listed as a Cutural Interest Site.

The Templars had to abandon the island as they were being prosecuted in Europe. Thus, the Franciscan monks, who had the inclination to choose magical places, settled there. There are two viewpoints: one in San Antón and the other in San Simón, which watches the entrance of the coastal inlet and witnessed famous fightings such as the Battle of Rande. Jules Verne included this battle of the Succession War in his work Twenty thousand leagues under the sea. In fact, in the water, close to the island, there is a sculpture of the protagonist, Captain Nemo, who commanded the submarine Nautilus. Every year, the Meirande Museum, barely 6 km away from the parish of Cesantes, in Redondela, organizes an open-air re-enactment to commemorate the anniversary of the battle.

Today, there is an intense cultural activity in the island, especially during the Sinsal Festival, held in July, which combines music and literature. However, you can choose to visit this amazing place, not only to take part in the official activities.

The access to the island is free of charge and you can get there on your own, after contacting the address, or by means of any shipping company.

Despite being only a few kilometres away from Vigo, islanders can be proud of having an active nightlife, especially in summer. In the labyrinth of passages in the old town you can find dozens of pubs and bars to enjoy summer nights. The Coca Festival (a pagan celebration which commemorates the defeat of the Coca, a dragon-like mythological creature which lived in Galician waters) is held in June and it marks the beginning of the new season. However, the Summer Carnival in the middle of August, celebrating this year its 19th edition, is the high point, as it attracts visitors coming from many towns and cities.

You can round off these activities with a visit to the archaeological park Monte Penide Prehistórico. There, you can admire petroglyphs and dolmens up to 4,000 years old. Not far away, in the parish of Cedeira, you can stop at the most popular viewpoint of the town, the one with what is regarded as the best bench in the world, from where admiring the whole inlet.

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