A rose turned into the emblem of a town

The rich cultural, natural, architectonic and historic heritage of Mos is among the most important reasons to include this destination in your travel plan. Other important attractions of this town are its festivals. And among all of them, there is one that stands out: the Festival of the Rose, which has been closely linked to the life of the people from Mos. A flower that has become the symbol of the town

The rose is also part of the coat of arms of the town. But Mos also celebrates this flower in a very special date: the Festival of the Rose. This official event, which has been declared of Tourist Interest in Galicia, is always held on 13 June, coinciding with the local festivity.

The Rose of the Quirós family, which has been part of the life of the people from Mos, has been celebrated since 1973. Plenty of activities, workshops, exhibits or contests are attended by enthusiasts of this flower, who can also participate in side cultural activities organised especially for this event.

Year after year, this festival is aimed to meet the expectations of all families, children and adults, with a varied proposal of activities. Among them, it is worth to mention the contest for the best bouquet of roses, where participants show diverse flower arrangements.

The number of visitors that are coming to this municipality in As Rías Baixas to enjoy this over-40 year old event is increasing every year. In fact, apart from people living in neighbouring towns, there are visitors coming from Portugal that want to discover this important traditional festival in the province of Pontevedra.

The traditional cuisine has been inextricably linked with this festival. In fact, the festival of the empanada and the festival of the corn bread are also part of the programme.

Mos is also popular for other important events, such as the festivals of pork knuckle, pork´s ear or octopus.

Besides gastronomy, other type of events such as the Festival of the Prehistory and Arde O Pazo are held. This town, located on the Portuguese Way to Santiago de Compostela, also has several routes, which are an invitation to know the architectonic, cultural, and religious treasures of this town, such as its Romanesque remains.   

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