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This experience takes place in Covelo, where you will find an awe-inspiring natural world that grows even more beautiful around the peaks of the O Suído mountain range (home to the highest peak in the Rías Baixas). The valleys of the rivers Tea and Alén still feature subtropical species of flora from the forests that existed in Galicia more than 20 million years ago. They withstood the later stages of glaciation until, ten thousand years ago, the climate became warmer.

This natural richness is complemented by the survival of a rural culture, where nature continues to be of great importance. Today, you can still enjoy elements such as the Os Carranos sawmill, the watermills, and the pasos (constructions formed by rows of stone in order to cross the river). All this is proof positive of the importance of water in traditional life.

This experience reveals the stunning scenery of this inland area in the Rías Baixas region.

It is also possible to visit the hermitage of the Virxe da Xestosa, whose old traditions involve rubbing oneself with the bread left in an anthropomorphic sarcophagus.

A Graña, situated close to the peaks of O Suído and the origin of the River Tea, has been a legendary merchant village since time immemorial. Originating from converted jews, the traders are considered one of the most important distinct groups in the peninsula. This group has survived to modern times with its lifestyles and ancestral customs.

The Pazo da Cruz museum offers a glimpse into the legend of the bandolera (bandit) Pepa "a Loba" (the she-wolf) and Alfonso Graña, king of the Jibaros.

We highly recommend staying at one of the charming local rural tourism accommodations in order to feel completely connected with the natural world.

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