O Rosal: a sea of wineries

O Rosal is one of the most representative subareas belonging to the Designation of Origin Rías Baixas. Some wineries offer the opportunity to learn about the culture, harvesting and winemaking process until it reaches the market and the consumers' table.

It is one of the areas bordering Portugal, bathed by the Miño River and the Atlantic Ocean. Besides its heritage of cultural interest, such as Folón and Picón mills, or its stunning scenery -authentic natural lookout points of the coast from A Groba mountains-, this municipality is an important grape producer that has gained popularity and prestige, and at the same time its wineries have been recognized with several awards.

Mild temperatures favour the growth of fruit crops, such as kiwis or Mirabelle trees. In ancient fortresses and valleys, varieties of grapes like Albariño and Loureiro, among others, are harvested. In addition, the influence of the sun and fruit trees, which thrive in this area, results in a lively and elegant white wine.

Adegas Valmiñor 

Bodegas Aldea de Abaixo 

Destilería Pazo Valdomiño  

Lagar de Fornelos 

Quinta de Couselo 

Santiago Ruiz 

Terras Gauda 

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