Your best swing in Rías Baixas

These five golf courses, from north to south, are situated in coastal areas such as A Toxa, Meis, Moaña and Vigo, and also inland, as Mondariz-Balneario.

The five golf courses which can be enjoyed in Pontevedra are situated in key areas in Rías Baixas.

Golf enthusiasts will love to spend a few days in Rías Baixas region, practicing their swing across 5 courses located in surprising natural environments.

The northernmost course is situated on A Toxa Island, popular for its hot springs, hotels and a chapel dedicated to Saint Caralampio, fully covered by scallop shells.

This course has 18-holes and a golf training course, where you can get started if you want to learn the technique. After playing golf you can relax in any of the spas nearby.

In Meis, up high on Monte Castrove, you will find an impressive 18-hole course, which surprises everyone who goes there. With a splendid view over the Pontevedra estuary, it has putting and pitching greens, and offers the possibility to take lessons, so as to make a better use of the 18-holes, in an area with plenty of lakes, natural obstacles, a pine forest and surrounded by the air of the Galician coastal mountain area.

Moaña golf course is challenging you in every round. It has 18 holes in 65 hectares of land, with six lakes and a river from where you can see the Vigo estuary, the city of Vigo and Rande bridge. Besides the usual services you'll also find fields and tracks to practice other sports (tennis, paddle tennis, basketball, football...).

Crossing the river, the city of Vigo also has a golf course. Situated near Peinador, its nine holes are well-protected, where precision is required but, in return, you do not need to overcome too many obstacles, except for a tree on the fourth hole and a lake on the first hole, where the river that runs through the city, known as Lagares, begins.

Of the five golf courses in Rias Baixas there is only one located inland, in Mondariz. In this thermal village par excellence, there is an 18-hole golf course in the middle of a valley with significant natural value, provided with golf carts, training courses, a school and large greens. Here we find Mondariz spa, one of the best in Spain, which awaits you to provide well-deserved moments of relaxation.

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