Rías Baixas Festivals 2017

8+1 events that you should not miss

With the arrival of spring, the season of music, beaches, rest and Rías Baixas Festivals starts: a great variety of music styles for all audiences, combined with tourism attractions and food experiences in several places all around the province of Pontevedra.

Most festivals are held for a few days, and in all of them the music is played in a place like no other, perfect to taste the delicacies from As Rías Baixas. Some of them have a faithful audience which, year after year, come to enjoy big and small music bands.

Rías Baixas festivals organize activities that can be enjoyed with the family: some of them become a space where the European and American cultures meet; others, whose line-up is revealed just when the artists are on the scene, bring us closer to international renowned artists. Moreover, they organize displays of urban sports that turn the province into the scene of one of the most important events of dirt jump in the world. There are also folk festivals with new bands, and other music events with different types of music such as Latin American and Spanish rock, punk, ska, and Galician music, performed by the most renowned bands in the region.

The time has come to mark all the dates of the festivals Rías Baixas on your calendar! 

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