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  • Explore

    Something unforgetable, something magical

    It's not the same to visit a place as it is to experience a place. To live it, breathe it, feel it
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  • Culture

    Discover what we were, experience who we are

    The Rías Baixas are synonymous with culture. Every city, every town, every street and corner offers the visitor something unique
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  • Camellia Gardens

    Inspiring and magical beauty

    The Rías Baixas is a sprawling camellia garden that puts on a dazzling display in the autumn, winter and spring seasons. These small trees or shrubs accompany us as we stroll along the streets, squares and gardens, past manor houses, castles and monasteries…
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  • Vigo on foot

    Vigo is a city of a thousand faces. As much historical as it is modern, relaxed as it is bustling, alternative as it is integrated. Vigo resembles a big, old olive tree: it is peaceable, noble, authentic and, above all, beautiful
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  • Pontevedra on foot

    Pontevedra, a town of Roman origin (Pontus Veteris), is today the provincial capital and one of Galicia's most beautiful cities. Visitors can stroll through the old town and marvel at its pretty porticoed streets which lead to countless small and charming squares
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  • Motorcycle Routes

    The journey you always dreamed of

    They say that whoever proves it is doomed. That once you make your first motorcycle trip, you will not be the same againque haces tu primer viaje en moto, no vuelves a ser el mismo.
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  • Modern Architecture

    An important point of reference nationwide

    The Rías Baixas region boasts a rich cultural and ethnographic heritage. But that's not all. The region is also known for its outstanding modern architecture and has become an important point of reference nationwide with an enormous creative appealetnográfico; su arquitectura contemporánea destaca y es todo un referente nacional de gran atractivo creativo.
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  • Majestic, Monastery of Armenteira

    The Monastery of Santa María de Armenteira is a 12-13th century jewel, today preserved almost intact, its majesty enamouring visitors. Essential.joya de los siglos XII-XIII que hoy en día se conserva prácticamente intacta y enamora a los visitantes por su majestuosidad. Imprescindible.
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  • Castle of Sobroso


    Perched on a rocky hilltop 334 metres above sea level, stands the Castle of Sobroso, an imposing medieval fortress that amazes with its beauty and perfect state of preservation
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  • Castle of Soutomaior


    This architectural structure, part medieval fortress and part Neo-Gothic palace, is one of the crown jewels of the Rías Baixas, not only because of its cultural value, but also because of all the legends surrounding it
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  • Portuguese Way of Saint James

    You don't complete the Way... the Way completes you.

    The Way of Saint James is, without a doubt, the oldest and best-known route in Europe. It is a symbol in and of itself, and its fame is built on its adventurous nature, which unites pilgrims, travellers and globetrotters under a single mission: to reach Santiago de Compostela.y más conocida de Europa. Es todo un emblema y su fama se debe a su carácter aventurero que reúne a peregrinos, caminantes o simples trotamundos bajo una misma misión: llegar a Santiago de Compostela.
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