Atlántico Express

The journey of the Atlántico Express 3.0

Influencers on board the train promoted the 8+1 events and the province. They sent posts that got tens of thousands "likes".

Among the 200 passengers of the Atlantic Express, there were bloggers and instagrammers, from Galicia, Portugal, Asturias, Madrid and Barcelona, who increased the dissemination of this event. In fact, their pictures and comments got lots of "likes" on social media. The event had a great impact on social media, and comments continued until the next day. A group of influencers, with thousands of followers, visited different settings and surroundings of the 8+1 festivals in a tour guided by Turismo Rías Baixas. Then, they posted evocative photographs in their accounts, which were broadly accepted by their followers.

Instagramers Atlántico Express
Instagramers Atlántico Express

Instagrammers that travelled on the Atlantic Express, with almost half a million of followers, got an average of 10,000 likes. There were also representatives from important groups, such as #igersspain#igerspontevedra and #igersvigo.

The round-trip to Vigo through As Rías Baixas left beautiful photographs of the settings of several festivals on Instagram. The group departed from the city of Vigo, –where O Marisquiño will be held, on 11, 12 and 13 of August– and visited A Illa de Arousa–, that will host the first of the #RíasBaixasFests, from 30 June to 2 July. There they took photographs of the heavenly beaches of this island, with a coastline of 36 km, as well as of the main places of interest.

Influencers also stopped at the town of Cambados. This year the town will be the European Wine City, and on 9 September it will host the last of the summer festivals. The visitors strolled around the beautiful historic centre of Cambados, starting at Fefiñáns Square, the heart of the town. They also visited the pazo (noble manor) de O Torrado and the San Sadurniño Tower, among other attractions.

Beautiful landscapes

The town of Caldas de Reis, the setting for the festivals Cultura Quente (7 and 8 July) and PortAmérica (13, 14 and 15 July), was also part of this tour. The carballeira (oak grove), which will be the stage of the concerts, and the beautiful waterfall of Segade are among the most photographed places in this town. The group ended their journey at Cabo Udra (near the town of Bueu, seat of the Son Rías Baixas Festival, on 3, 4 and 5 August), and recorded beautiful images of the stunning views and of the natural area, which has been awarded as a Blue Flag trail and it is included in the Natura 2000 network.

The journey of the Atlantic Express also served to promote Sinsal Son Estrella Galicia (San Simón Island, 21, 22 and 23 July), Revenidas (18, 19 and 20 August) and Vive Nigrán (25 and 26 August). #RíasBaixasFests lovers could enjoy the train journey from Vigo to Porto, while disseminating the event through social and mass media.