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Traditional Portuguese Way of Saint James

The Portuguese Way to Santiago de Compostela has brought about important social, economic and cultural ties between Galicia and Portugal since the 12th century. The traditional route arrives in As Rías Baixas passing through Tui, after crossing the Portuguese town of Valença, and continues from O Porriño towards Redondela, Pontevedra, Caldas de Reis and Pontecesures, running through fourteen towns. From the borderline between Spain and Portugal, marked by the Miño River, to Santiago de Compostela, pilgrims walk 120 km (93 km in the province of Pontevedra).

Rivers, natural spaces, protected historic old towns, such as those in Tui or Pontevedra, islands, forests and cascades are part of this beautiful route of moderate difficulty. Last year, it was the second busier path of the official ones, with more than 52,000 pilgrims and had the highest growth rate: 20 %. More than half of these travellers are foreigners, proof of the international projection of the Portuguese Way. It can be done in five stages:

Camino Portugués


  • Portuguese Way of Saint James

    You don't complete the Way... the Way completes you.
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    The Way of Saint James is, without a doubt, the oldest and best-known route in Europe. It is a symbol in and of itself, and its fame is built on its adventurous nature, which unites pilgrims, travellers and globetrotters under a single mission: to reach Santiago de Compostela

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