Cruzando caminos

Stage 2. Sanxenxo-O Grove

14,3 km

A bit over two kilometres away from the town centre of Sanxenxo, after crossing Punta Bicaño, the route continues until Portonovo, a tourist town having a beach and a marina. Then, it goes along the coast, crossing some beaches and the points of Cabicastro, Sefexeira and Paxariñas until reaching the beach of Montalvo, with dunes of great natural value.


Along the route you can enjoy the amazing views of the island A Illa de Ons, part of the Atlantic Islands Natural Park, the only national park in Galicia and among the 15 existing in Spain. The parish of Noalla is a perfect viewpoint to admire the two islands (A Illa de Ons and Onza or Onceta). Along this part of the way there are several beaches such as Bascuas, Pragueira, Foxos, Area Gorda and A Lapa, and finally A Lanzada, the most incredible intertidal complex of dunes in As Rías Baixas, and in Galicia.


The history of the Nosa Señora da Lanzada Chapel is linked to fertility legends and rituals. The 2.5-kilometre beach attracts thousands of tourists and water sport enthusiasts every summer. In the castro (a pre-Roman hillfort settlement), located in a privileged setting, some important archaeological remains which provide invaluable information about Galician history have been discovered.

A Lanzada marks the boundary between Sanxenxo and O Grove and this is the starting point of the third stage.