Cruzando caminos

Stage 4. Illa da Toxa-Cambados

19 km

This stretch of the route surrounds the intertidal complex Umia-O Grove, an inlet listed as a Wetland of International Importance. It goes from the Umia River estuary to the town of Cambados, birthplace of the Albariño wine, which is, according to the Galician writer Álvaro Cunqueiro, the king of all Galician wines.

The salt mines which would give the name to the region of O Salnés were located in this inlet. Here, water flows through the channel existing between the coast and A Illa da Toxa. Many birds choose this ecosystem to spend the winter or as a stopover in their migration. Grey herons, mallards and dunlins are some of the species that can be oberved in this natural space.

Isla de A Toxa
Isla da Toxa - Capilla

Cambados is land of wines and it has a splendid historic centre declared Cultural Interest Site. Three different villages merged to form this town: Fefiñáns, having a clear noble origin; Cambados, having beautiful squares and the ruins of Santa Mariña; and Santo Tomé, the coastal area.

The Fefiñáns Square, previously known as the market square, is a beautiful architectural complex consisting of the pazo of Fefiñáns, the arch-bridge, the watchtower Torre da Homenaxe and the San Bieito Church.

Plaza Fefinans
Torre San Saturnino

The town has much more to offer: the eighteenth-century pazo of Torrado, used as a centre for local temporary exhibitions; and the seventh-century pazo of Bazán, which is now a Parador Nacional de Turismo (luxury hotel), stand out for their history and their heritage value. In addition, As Rodas Square, is a perfect setting to enjoy a glass of Albariño wine and taste some tapas in a perfect setting.

Cambados is the capital of the growing and production of this popular wine, one of the best white wines in the world. Moreover, it has been declared the European Wine City 2017 and this is another important reason to visit the town. Food is also a major attraction in this municipality, where you can find and taste delicious seafood.