Cruzando caminos

Stage 6. A Illa de Arousa-Vilagarcía de Arousa

17 km

After crossing the bridge and leaving the island, you walk along the coast towards the town of Vilanova de Arousa, birthplace of the writer Ramón María del Valle-Inclán, whose house‑museum is a recommended visit. Here, the Way, almost until reaching Punta Ariño, goes along O Terrón Beach.

Vilanova - O Terrón beach

After leaving the town centre, the route returns to the seaside, passing by other beaches, as As Sinas, and it continues along the coast towards Vilagarcía de Arousa, crossing Vilaxoán. This village, having a fishing port and being popular for its cuisine, hosts the Revenidas Festival in the summer, one of the greatest events of the tour of Rías Baixas Festivals. The name of the festival, Revenidas, is the word that locals use for roasted sardines.

In Vilagarcía de Arousa you should visit the pazo of Vista Alegre and the convent, both of them declared National Historic-Artistic Monuments. The capital of the region of O Salnés, natural port to Santiago de Compostela, has a lot of attractions which you can discover following two different routes: The Wine Route and the Pazos Route. Among the pazos, it stands out the perfectly-preserved Pazo de Rubianes, owned by the only lordship in Galicia. Moreover, its gardens, including a vast extension of vineyards, are recognized as an International Garden of Excellence.

Pazo de Vistalegre
Panoramíca Isla de Cortegada

O Carril is another must visit since this parish is the birthplace of the popular clams bearing the same name. Opposite its coast you can see the Cortegada Island, part of the National Park, which has one of the most important laurel forests in Europe.