Cruzando caminos

The Silver Way

Via de la Plata

This route, also known as the Way of Sanabria, starts in the south of Spain and goes through the inland part of Galicia. It is a long Roman road which crosses the peninsula and, along its one thousand kilometres, passes through centuries-old archaeological remains.

Regarding the origin of the route, there are records of its existence dating back to the 139 BC, during the Phoenician and Greek eras.

In their way to Santiago de Compostela, pilgrims can see a lot of monuments: theatres, arches and Roman milestones are part of the beautiful landscape in the province of Pontevedra, namely in the towns of Dozón, Silleda and A Estrada.

Stage Dozón-Bendoiro (18.4 km)

After crossing the place of Oseira, in Ourense, you walk through O Castro, in Dozón. Nearby you find the San Pedro de Vilanova Monastery and Church, a masterpiece of the twelfth‑century Galician Romanesque art. Then, if you continue walking towards Lalín through rural paths of great beauty, you can visit the San Martiño Church, once part of a tenth-century monastery.

 San Pedro de Vilanova

You pass by the place of Pontenoufe to enter the town of Lalín, and walk across Puxallos and A Xesta. After that, you go through Botos and Donsión to reach Bendoiro.

Stage Bendoiro-Outeiro (33.8 km)

Following this route, after leaving the place of Prado, you walk towards the Deza River. Then, you cross A Boralla and the medieval Taboada Bridge, and walk through the places of Taboada and Transfontao to reach the town of Silleda.

Before going further, you can take a detour to discover the temple of O Corpiño, still in Lalín, located in the place of Losón. Its winter and summer pilgrimages attract thousands of visitors every year. Other important attractions in the region are the cascade of the Toxa River or the Carboeiro Monastery (a must visit if you have enough time). The route continues towards Silleda after crossing the medieval bridge over the Deza River, stopping at the Romanesque churches of Fiestras and Ansemil.

O Corpiño
Monasterio de Carboeiro

After crossing Silleda, you continue your way to Santiago de Compostela walking through O Foxo and Margaride till reaching A Bandeira, in the town of Silleda. The stretch of the Silver Way in the province of Pontevedra finishes in A Estrada, after crossing Castrovite, Loimil, Os Casares, As Carballas, Oca and Arnois. Before walking further, you can visit the Pazo de Oca and its beautiful gardens. And this is how the pilgrims who cross the Ulla Valley arrive in an area which boasts pazos and churches linked to the Jacobean tradition.


Pilgrims' hostel of Bendoiro (Lalín)

Pilgrims' hostel of A Bandeira (Silleda)

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