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If you have two hours to spare, Sanxenxo is waiting for you!

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Often, the lack of time is the perfect excuse to say no to several tourist attractions and to give up the idea of visiting new destinations or rediscovering other places already visited. It is likely that, for this reason, you do not even consider plans and suggestions that would not require making room for them in your schedule because a short period of time is enough to enjoy and live them. Bearing this in mind, the Town Council of Sanxenxo has just promoted a route where tourists will be able to see the historical heritage of this municipality. You will stroll through its streets, you will travel back in time, you will immerse yourself in the evolution of the town and you will discover the rural charm of some of the tourist municipalities in Galicia par excellence. Do not set a date, you just need two hours.

"Sanxenxo in two hours" suggests an almost circular route. You have nine stops ahead and they are explained below:

  1. You will leave from A Lanzada. At this point, the Romanesque chapel–with its defensive tower–and the archaeological site, where there is work in progress at this moment, are attractions that you should not miss. A Lanzada preserves key elements that allow you to know centuries of our history.
  1. Leaving the archaeological site to the left, you will head towards the mills of Magor, recently restored. There are three small mills that, until recently, were used by the locals for their daily activities. These structures played an important role in the daily life of the people two decades ago, just as the Galician population at that time.
  1. Towards the town of Portonovo, this path stops at the so-called Priory of Arra. Belonging to the Monastery of A Armenteira, this building was the prior's residence four hundred years ago. At that time local residents went there to pay the taxes. Now the building is owned by the Town Council of Sanxenxo.
  1. The Field of San Roque is the fourth stop in the journey. Another chapel is waiting for you, in this case, it is the Chapel of Santa Catarina. It gives you the possibility to visit a seafarer temple from the 17th century where you can find the cruceiro (stone cross), which is also remarkable.
  1. At this point you will enter the town centre of Sanxenxo in order to visit the Templo Vello (old temple). The building, which is more than 500 years old, stands out because of its bell tower, a large baroque tower. The surrounding cobbled streets on the outside emphasise the beauty of the whole construction.
  1. Bordóns and Dorrón, located at the exit of Sanxenxo in the direction of Pontevedra, are the next parishes that you will visit. Their great rich heritage is the main reason to visit them. There, you can see the cruceiro of Bordóns and the castro (Neolithic fortified settlement), which has not been excavated yet, of Dorrón. You should not miss a visit to the hórreos (Galician raised granaries) of both parishes.
  1. Once you have seen them, head towards Nantes. The chapel, from the 15th century, has a stone sculpture of two cows on its façade. You can also go near the Con da Romaíña, which are granite blocks with engravings.
  1. During this stage you will find yourself at the penultimate location of the journey that you will have started just over one hour before. You will head towards Gondar and you will visit the Chapel of San Tomé, with a barrel vault and a rectangular floor; you can take a break while you enjoy the views.
  1. Finally, you will arrive in Vilalonga. In this town, you will visit A Telleira, a former brick factory turned into an interpretive centre. The intertidal complex
    Umia-O Grove is waiting for you just a few steps away from there. Do not forget to look up to the sky because the area is the habitat of many bird species.
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