PortAmérica: culinary talent to the rhythm of rock and roll in Caldas de Reis

5, 6 and 7 July

A perfect combination of music, gastronomy and nature is the PortAmérica’s contribution to the series of summer festivals Rías Baixas Fest. The festival boasts more than 30 top artists from the national and international scene such as Imelda May, Vetusta Morla, Izal or Xoel along with more than 30 renowned chefs such as Pepe Solla, Andoni Luis Aduriz, Javier Olleros, Maca de Castro, Diego Guerrero and Lucía Freitas. These chefs will create succulent dishes for the audience to enjoy at a unique environment: the oak grove in Caldas de Reis.

This festival is held on the banks of the Umia River, an excellent place where you can camp or take a dip while enjoying nature, since nearby there is an incredible botanical garden. This lovely spot, declared Site of Cultural Interest, has a wide range of tree species, most of them are exotic, and a great variety of camellias, which is the queen of the flowers of Pontevedra. This will be the perfect environment to get away and relax after three days of partying.

This music festival will start on Thursday 5 July with famous bands such as La Pegatina, Pussy Riot or Jenny and the Mexicats and also with the genuine rock and roll of the Irish singer Imelda May as the highlight of the event. The following day, the national pop bands such as Vetusta Morla, La Habitación Roja or Viva Suecia will take the main stage. On Saturday, popular bands in the Galician stages as Izal, Xoel López or El Columpio Asesino will be the grand finale to three days of music.

Caldas de Reis
Festival Portamerica en Caldas de Reis

Haute cuisine and environmental awareness

As usual, the gastronomy is one of the highlights of PortAmérica 2018. This festival is a singular experience which combines not only music and natural environment but a culinary offer prepared by more than 30 international chefs, leaded by Pepe Solla from Pontevedra, including remarkable names as Diego Guerrero, Paco Morales or Yayo Daporta. All these experts will create special tapas in collaboration with students of Galician cooking schools.

After the devastating wave of forest fires happened last October in Galicia, sustainability will become one of the main themes of the festival because of the needed environmental awareness. The people who attend the festival will have the opportunity to participate in the initiative “1 ticket, 1 tree” which consists in a reforestation day with native trees in a forest of the village. At the end of the festival, the participants can plant their own tree.

Besides, the festival will have a Talents Market, a place for the designers and creators to promote their products, which rounds off a multidisciplinary offer in which everyone can find the best plan to enjoy an unforgettable summer weekend.

What to see in Caldas de Reis 

Placed in a strategic location, in the junction of the main roads of the province of Pontevedra, Caldas de Reis offers natural wealth, nice weather, good hydrotherapy, history and culture. Besides the amazing landscapes by the Umia River, there are unique surroundings such as the Segade cascade, one of the most spectacular and beautiful in As Rías Baixas.

The origins of Caldas de Reis date back to the prehistory, just as shown by the incredible Treasure of Caldas de Reis, a collection of golden artefacts from the Bronze Age from around 1550 BC that are exhibited in the Museo de Pontevedra. But the current name of the town is related to a subsequent event: the birth of Alfonso Raimúndez, of the House of Borgoña, who became the King Alfonso VII de León in the 12th century.

The Romans had also a significant importance in the town, as demonstrated by the Roman road that crosses the town and that is part of the route followed each year by pilgrims who walk the Portuguese Way to Santiago de Compostela. Its rich thermal offering has been enjoyed for over two thousand years by locals and visitors alike. Nowadays, the town has two historical spas, Acuña and Dávila, and a hot spring, A Burga, which soothes and comforts those who decide to join their fate to this beautiful town.

Fuente termal da Burga, Caldas de Reis
Río Umia, Caldas de Reis