SonRías: a perfect combination of music, food and beaches in Bueu

Dates: 2, 3 and 4 August

The festival SonRías Baixas, in the municipality of Bueu, combines good music, the best Rías Baixas’ cuisine, performances and entertainment in a single region: O Morrazo, with incredible beaches and natural areas. The organisers define the event as the festival of the festival-goers and its line-up includes renowned artists from the national and international scene with new promises who will probably rise to fame very soon.

The centre of Bueu is an ideal venue for the festival, since it is convenient and easily accessible to the audience . The camping area, which is close the beach of the town, has showers and toilets, a catering service, a shop with basic staple food and a mobile charging area.

The festival combines a wide range of vindictive and lively music styles, such as ska, punk, rock, funk and rumba. On Thursday 2 August, the series of concerts will open with the Italian ska-punk band Talco, followed by Revolta Permantente and Assekes. On Friday, it is the turn of La Raíz, Desakato, Che Sudaka, Terbutalina and Sara Hebe. On Saturday, bands such as Berri Txarrak, Gatillazo, Muchachito, Mordo and The Skarnivals will bring the festival to a close.

Food is the perfect complement to the concerts , since the artists themselves participate in the preparation of the dishes , changing their instruments for chef’s hats to offer delicious meals to the audience.

Besides, this year SonRías organise for the first time the Galician Video Clip Contest, in collaboration with the International Short Film Festival of Bueu (FIC). Eighty music videos participate in this first edition.

Monte O Facho
Illa de Ons


Bueu is located to the north of the O Morrazo Peninsula, a region with amazing beaches. This summer there are seventeen Blue Flag beaches in the region of O Morrazo, and four of them are found in this town ( Area de Bon, Portomaior, Lagos and Lapamán ); seven in Cangas ( Areabrava, Nerga, Menduíña, Melide, Areamilla, Liméns and Rodeira ); four in Marín ( Aguete, Mogor, Portocelo and O Santo-Coviña ), and one in Moaña (praia do Con).

O Morrazo Peninsula has also wonderful natural areas. In Bueu, it is worth visiting cape Cabo Udra, with an incredible coastal trail integrated in the network Natura 2000 , and the archipelago Illa de Ons, which is part of the Galician Atlantic Islands Maritime-Terrestrial National Park. Moreover, from the viewpoint in the town of Ermelo it is possible to see the three inlets at once (Ría de Vigo, Ría de Pontevedra and Ría de Arousa).

In Cangas, it is a must to visit the Facho, a hill with an ancient archaeological site, from where one can enjoy one of the best panoramic views of the archipelago Illas Cíes, and the cape Cabo Home, which can be reached after walking down a path by the cliffs of Costa da Vela. At the end of the path is the outstanding Melide Beach.

The restaurants of Bueu and neighbouring towns offer an excellent cuisine. Besides, the O Morrazo Peninsula has a rich industrial heritage, mostly linked to the Massó’s industrial complex. In Bueu, one can visit the Massó Museum, bearing the name of this Catalan industrial family, and the chimney of the former factory. In Cangas, it is still possible to see the old and impressive canning factory, located in a beautifulnatural landscape. This factory was once the biggest and latest in Europe, but it was closed more than two decades ago.