Patrimonio Arquelógico

Festivals of International Tourist Interest

Tradition and local enogastronomy of As Rías Baixas are combined in the large number of Festivals of Tourist Interest where the best cuisine, local wines and fun are guaranteed. These are some of the festivals of international, national and regional interest that are celebrated all year round in the province of Pontevedra.

International Tourist Interest

The Festa do Albariño in Cambados, of International Tourist Interest, is one of the oldest wine festivals in the country and is celebrated in Rías Baixas at the beginning of August. Every year, this festival attracts tens of thousands of visitors who stroll around the wine stands in the park Paseo da Calzada to taste some of the tasty wines under the Designation of Origin Rías Baixas. Over a week, the best cuisine, music and fun can be enjoyed with a glass of Albariño white wine.

During the festival, there is a Wine Contest, which awards the best wine under the Designation of Origin Rías Baixas . There is also an event to designate the Donas e Cabaleiros de Honra do Capítulo Serenísimo do Albariño (a title conferred by the association for the promotion of Albariño wine known as Capítulo Serenísimo), with important personalities involved every year. In 2018, Cambados was awarded as the Mejor Municipio Enoturístico de España (Best Wine Town in Spain) and designated as a town of International Tourist Interest.

Fiesta do AlbariñoFesta do Albariño (Cambados)
Fiesta do AlbariñoFesta do Albariño (Cambados)

WHAT TO SEE IN CAMBADOS: Majestic manor houses, beautiful stone streets and magnificent monuments are part of the old town of Cambados, which extends up to the neighbourhood of San Tomé, where the medieval tower of San Sadurniño is located. On the hillside of the Pastora Hill, you can find the ruins of the Santa Mariña Dozo Church, which is part of the Association of Significant Cemeteries of Europe.

National Tourist Interest

Feira do CocidoFeira do Cocido in Lalín

In As Rías Baixas there are three foodfestivals that were declared of National Tourist Interest. These events, held in the coast and inland, are the Feira do Cocido (Galician Stew Festival), in the town of Lalín; the Festa da Lamprea (Lamprey Festival), in Arbo; and the Festa do Marisco (Seafood Festival), in O Grove.

The Feira do Cocido de Lalín was born more than 50 years ago to promote the delicious meat and the horticultural products of the region of Deza. Today, it is a popular festival that gathers thousands of visitors coming to taste this delicious dish during February. The main day of the festival is the Sunday before Carnival.

WHAT TO SEE IN LALÍN AND IN THE REGION OF DEZA: The region of Deza boasts many beautiful places to live multiple experiences. For hiking lovers, some of the must spots are the oak and chestnut grove Fraga de Catasós, in Lalín; the cascade Fervenza do Río Toxa and the Monastery of Carboeiro, in the town of Silleda; the O Candán Hill or the Gres Islands, in Vila de Cruces. The popular architecture of the manor house Pazo de Liñares, where the Museo Galego da Marioneta (Galician Museum of the Marionette) is located; the contemporary architecture of the interpretation centre of the region Castrodeza; or the perfectly preserved medieval architecture of the medieval stalls, so-called Pendellos de Agolada, make the visit to the region even more attractive.

Monasterio de CarboeiroMonastery of Carboeiro
Fragua de CatasósFraga de Catasós

From the region of Deza to the waters of the Miño River, where the lamprey already existed 500 million years ago. Since 1960s, the town of Arbo, in the province of Pontevedra, has been honouring this appreciated delicacy that swims all the way from the ocean up the Miño River to spawn and die. The pesqueiras, traditional stone constructions used to catch this fish, are scattered along the Miño River as part of the landscape and identity of this town in As Rías Baixas.

Arbo welcomes tens of thousands diners at the end of April to taste this exquisite fish. Six hundred kilos of lamprey are served in 5,000 helpings during the festival. It can be tasted in aclay casserole, stewed in its own blood with white rice and toasted bread, dry, stuffed, grilled, with a special type of peas, in an empanada (a typical Galician pie, usually with a savoury filling), with rice, with Russian salad…

WHAT TO SEE IN ARBO: If one wants to learn more about the history and culture of this peculiar fish, a good option is to walk along the path of As Pesqueiras, which runs along a small stretch of the Miño River, or visit the Centre of Interpretation of the Wine and the Lamprey, Arabo. The viewpoint Alto de San Fins, the park of the mills of A Rocha or the Mourentán Bridge are other attractions of this town, which are perfect for nature and hiking lovers.

LampreaFesta da Lamprea in Arbo
Puente de MourentánMourentán Bridge

The beautiful seaside town of O Grove celebrates during the first quarter of October the Festa do Marisco (Seafood Festival), a food event boasting the best seafood and delicious wines that gathers thousands of visitors. Prawns, shrimps, goose barnacles, seafood rice, king crab – which was served last year after being absent for a long time – and other traditional typical dishes such as octopus, empanada or croquettes, are a delight for the senses for those who come to this festival.

Internationally and nationally renowned artists , children's activities and other events are also part of the programme of ten days of celebrations in this beautiful town in the province of Pontevedra.

WHAT TO SEE IN O GROVE: Sea promenades, legends and spectacular beaches merge in O Grove. The vantage point of A Siradella , the highest point on the Peninsula, offers a panoramic view of the coastal inlet Ría de Arousa and the Atlantic Ocean.

Mejillones Fiesta del Marisco en O GroveFesta do Marisco in O Grove
Mirador a SiradellaThe vantage point of A Siradella

Galician Festivals of Tourist Interest

Visitors can discover and enjoy the local cuisine in the large number of food festivals celebrated throughout the province of Pontevedra all year round. Here is a selection of those listed as Galician Festivals of Tourist Interest.


  • Festa do Caldo Galego de Mourente (Pontevedra). Second weekend of March.
  • Festa do Lacón con Grelos (Cuntis). Sunday following Carnival Tuesday (10 March 2019).
  • Festa Encontro do Millo Corvo (Bueu). Last weekend of March.


  • Festa da Ostra, Arcade (Soutomaior). First weekend in April.
  • Festa do Requeixón e do Mel (As Neves). Good Friday (19 April 2019).


  • Festa do Choco (Redondela). Second weekend of May.
  • Festa do Salmón (A Estrada). Third Sunday in May.
  • Festa da Troita (Ponte Caldelas). Last weekend in May.
  • Festa do Galo de Curral (Vila de Cruces). Last weekend in May.


  • Festa da Langosta e da Cociña Mariñeira (A Guarda). First weekend in July.
  • Festa do Viño de O Rosal. Third weekend in July.
  • Festa Exaltación da Vieira (Cambados). Third weekend in July.
  • Festa do Carneiro ao Espeto (Moraña). Last Sunday in July.


  • Festa da Tortilla de Laro (Silleda). First Friday in August.
  • Festa do Mexillón e do Berberecho (Vilanova de Arousa). Second week of August.
  • Feira do Xamón (A Cañiza). 15 August.
  • Festa da Ameixa de Carril (Vilagarcía de Arousa). Second fortnight of August.
  • Festa da Empanada de Bandeira (Silleda). Third Saturday in August.
  • Festa do Viño de O Condado (Salvaterra de Miño). Last weekend in August.
  • Festa da Anguía e Mostra da Caña do País (Valga). Last weekend in August.