Festivales Rías Baixas 2017

Cultural heritage in the province of Pontevedra

Traditional and modern museums and etnographic and interpretation centres of the province of Pontevedra boast rich collections of ancient pieces that are part of the identity of a town or good examples of international contemporary art. In these places, visitors can learn about the history, the traditional trades and the culture of the province and admire thousands of priceless pieces of art from different periods and works of great artists, sometimes through audiovisual media.

The Museo de Pontevedra is a “gem” of national importance which preserves so many amazing collections that it is impossible to see them all in just a visit. The MARCO of Vigo hosts outstanding contemporary art works, and the Museo Santa Trega (MASAT) takes us back to the Galicia of the pre-Roman period, to the time of castros, on a hill full of myths and legends. In the town of Lalín the art of marionettes has its place in the Museo Galego da Marioneta. These museums are a great appeal to tourists who want to learn more about the province of Pontevedra.

Museo de Pontevedra
Museo del Mar de Galicia, Vigo

The whole province keeps great invaluable treasures. Some examples are the trades, the traditions, the work in the fields and the materials used to make garments that are displayed in the ethnographic centres, which transport us back in time, and in the interpretation centres, which help us get to know our culture. In these places we can also learn about the mysterious lamprey, the appreciated white wine Albariño, the enigmatic petroglyphs, the canning industry or the legendary Battle of Vigo Bay.

The Casas Museo introduce visitors to the life of prominent figures such as the writers Valle-Inclán, Xosé Neira Vilas, Ramón Cabanillas and the Camba brothers as well as the dancer “La Belle” Otero and Christopher Columbus. There, one can learn more about their life and works and even visit the places where they were born or used to live.

Come and discover the art treasures of the province of Pontevedra and be immersed in the culture and traditions of Rías Baixas!

Casa Museo de Valle Inclán
Castro de Santa Tecla, A Guarda