Descubre Pontevedra desde las alturas

A Peneda (In the town of Soutomaior)

A good way to discover the Ría de Vigo is visiting the viewpoint in A Peneda, at the border between Redondela and Soutomaior. This 329-metre-high pyramidal hill close to the mouth of the Verdugo River, is a perfect place to enjoy the panoramic view of the ría, having the place of Rande, the town of Redondela, the parish of Arcade and the surroundings of the San Simón Island as its main attractions.

There, visitors can also enjoy amazing views of the inland part of the province, as the valley of the Verdugo River in its passage through O Suído Hills and the Soutomaior Castle, only two kilometres away. A perfect idea to round off the day is to visit the gardens of the fortress, one of the most beautiful and well preserved in the province.

A Peneda
A Peneda

In addition, you can fuel your passion for archaeology visiting the Celtic hillfort A Peneda, where the remains of the wall, more than two metres wide, and three constructions, and what may have been the entry to a Roman mine, are still preserved. The large amount of archaeological pieces found in the surroundings (ceramics, jewellery, etc.) are displayed in the Museum of Pontevedra.

According to the legends, A Peneda Hill and the Soutomaior Castle used to be joined by an underground tunnel

There are lots of legends about this magical place. Locals assured that there was an underground tunnel connecting the A Peneda hilltop and the Soutomaior Castle. This secret passage was said to be used to send soldiers to fight against the French during the Spanish War of Independence.

There are also stories about a very valuable treasure, hidden by the mouros (beings of Galician mythology who are believed to live underground) inside the hill. In addition, it was believed that there was a secret cave where visitors were slapped, although the mystery was solved when a local discovered that the slaps were actually blows given by bats which, startled by the presence of humans, flew away out of fear.