Descubre Pontevedra desde las alturas

Cascade of the Toxa river

The cascade of the Toxa River being 30 metres high, and considered one of the most beautiful natural river formations in Galicia, is located in the beautiful setting of O Candán Hill, and is surrounded by dense chestnut, oak and cork oak woods. This cascade, which is included in the network Natura 2000 as a Site of Community Importance, is found in the place of Bandeira, in the town of Silleda.

You can admire the top of the cascade from a viewpoint, which also offers views of the confluence of the rivers Toxa and Deza and of the valleys of the area. There, the water goes through the rock flowing along small tunnels. But it is not recommended to take this passage because it is dangerous.

Fervenza do Toxa
Fervenza do Toxo

Granite cliffs inhabited by birds of prey

After admiring a beautiful view of the top cascade, we can walk down to its bottom through a trail bordered by impressive granite cliffs which are the habitat of large birds not abundant in Galicia, such as ravens or falcons.

To round off our journey, we can visit other places of interest in the area, such as the Monastery of Carboeiro, a gem of the Galician Romanesque commissioned by disciples of Master Mateo, whose ornamentation was created on the model of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. A must-visit is also the Gothic shrine devoted to  San Pedro de Ansemil, the only remaining example of a medieval convent run by Benedictine nuns. A perfect ending to our journey through this paradise of water and rock.