Ruta de los monasterios

The monasteries in the province of Pontevedra

The monasteries in the province of Pontevedra constitute a millenary heritage surrounded by stunning landscapes. They are perched at the top of the hills (San Lourenzo de Carboeiro), they lay at the bottom of fertile valleys (Santa María da Armenteira) , in meadows close to hilly areas (Santa María de Aciveiro), on the seaside and along the Portuguese Coastal Way (Santa María de Oia), on high plains overlooking the Ría de Pontevedra (San Xoán de Poio) and close to the mouths of large rivers and historical towns (San Salvador de Lérez). These monumental buildings, which have preserved their stillness and majesty intact, are silent witnesses of the passing of centuries.

These religious temples keep a rich legacy. A visit to these buildings will bring you back to a time of kings and Galician noble families, to a period of retreat, land cultivation, battles and revolts. You will have the opportunity to live the medieval splendour of these temples, which is part of the history of the province of Pontevedra.

ArmenteiraSanta María de Armenteira
Santa María de OiaSanta María de Oia

A tour of the monasteries is one of the biggest tourist attractions in As Rías Baixas. Moreover, it is worth strolling through the surrounding natural landscape to admire its indigenous woods and pastures, the cliffs where the ocean waves brake, the banks of meandering rivers and the magical fervenzas (cascades), some of them smooth and others torrential and powerful ones. A real delight for the senses!

If you want to learn about the history, architecture and decorative elements of the monasteries as well as the legends and quotes by different authors on these majestic temples, it is worth following the so-called Route of the Monasteries. Visit them and enjoy the spiritual magic of the province of Pontevedra.

Enjoy the Rías Baixas experience!