Rutas en moto por As Rías Baixas

Routes on motorcycle for As Rías Baixas

In this guide you will find four different routes to discover As Rías Baixas on a motorbike. From A Guarda to Catoira, from Baiona to Pontevedra, from A Cañiza to A Guarda and from Silleda to Combarro, you can drive all along the Atlantic coast and enjoy its urban and natural landscapes at your own pace. For each route there is information about the main roads to take, with itineraries ranging from 62 to 165 kilometres. In addition, you can find different suggestions for visits and walking tours so that you can extend your journey. The experience of getting to know As Rías Baixas on two wheels will not disappoint you and, who knows, it may be your dream trip.

  • Motorcycle Routes

    The journey you always dreamed of
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    They say that whoever proves it is doomed. That once you make your first motorcycle trip, you will not be the same againque haces tu primer viaje en moto, no vuelves a ser el mismo.

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