Rutas en moto por As Rías Baixas

Tips for making long journeys by motorcycle

Before setting off

Long motorcycle road trips require a careful planning. Here you have some guidelines on what you need to do before setting off:

  • Take your motorbike in for an overhaul to avoid eventualities
  • Prepare your bag long in advance, taking into account everything you could need. The bag should be light and be firmly fastened to prevent accidents
  • Do not forget to bring your identification documents and the motorcycle papers
  • Do not improvise; try to plan ahead all the routes and itineraries. In addition, check the condition of the roads and if there are any tolls
  • Very important: check the exact location of the different service stations along the route and, if possible, mark them on a map

During the journey

Apart from enjoying the landscapes, remember:

  • Even if you are trying to get away, keep in touch permanently with your friends and family so that they know where you are and find you in case of an emergency
  • Respect the traffic signs
  • Respect the speed limits
  • Respect the safe following distance
  • If you are tired, stop to stretch your legs and have something to eat to get back your strength
  • Stopping to rest every two hours is advisable