What is the "Commitment to Tourism Quality" label?

The SICTED (Spanish initials for Integral System for the Tourism Quality in Destinations) is a project promoted by the Secretary of State for Tourism whose aim is to improve the overall visitor's experience. The Provincial Council of Pontevedra is joined to this project via the destination Rías Baixas-province of Pontevedra. This approach covers not only the services provided by the main agents of the tourist offer (hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, etc.) but also others that, without being exclusively tourist services, contribute to the visitor´s experience of a particular destination in a positive way.

The "Commitment to Tourism Quality" label aims to implement a standard level of quality in the services offered to the tourist in the same destination. This will allow the visitor to have a complete understanding of and satisfaction with the various agents that provide these services.

For this reason, the SICTED assesses and certifies the quality of a total of 32 different tourist services and, as a result, they see how their effort and commitment towards quality is recognised. This label also represents a competitive advantage and distinction compared to other professionals in the same sector.

What are its general benefits?

This integrated and permanent system for the tourism quality in destinations offers several advantages for the certified destination and its services. In the first case, it: 

  • Establishes a permanent management structure aimed to increase the competitiveness of the tourism companies in the destination
  • Offers a standard level of quality in all tourist services in order to enhance the visitor satisfaction and promote its loyalty
  • Increases the involvement and participation of the business sector in the tourism development at the destination

Regarding the companies or services, the SICTED:

  • Improves their internal management, specially on the processes related to customer satisfaction
  • Improves the qualification of the staff through a training program
  • Participates in the largest tourism quality project developed in Spain along with more than 5,700 companies
  • Receives technical assistance, which offers support for improvement

In the case of the Rías Baixas destination, what does it offer?

The Provincial Council of Pontevedra offers, in this case, an advice and continuous training project for tourism agents and companies. This project is complemented with an analysis of the compliance of the quality management system and the proposal of possible improvements with a view to obtain the "Commitment to Quality" label, completely free of charge.

Apart from these benefits, agents can be integrated in various promotion campaigns incorporated in this programme. These benefits include:

  • Advertising
  • Dissemination through social networks
  • Presence in leading websites of the tourism sector: and the website of Turismo Rías Baixas
  • Participation in the certificate award ceremony

How can I participate in SICTED-Rías Baixas?

The "Commitment to Tourism Quality" label is valid for two years. It is conditioned to an annual follow-up assessment and the passing of a thorough evaluation. Therefore, the company or tourism agent must comply with the specified requirements.

On the one hand, the concerned tourism agent must carry out its activities in the destination Rías Baixas-province of Pontevedra. The tourism companies and services that are located in the town councils of Baiona and Sanxenxo are excluded because they belong to another managing authority.

On the other hand, the service provided by the agent must fit in one of the 32 services certified by this system:

  • Adventure tourism companies
  • Artisans
  • Bars and coffee shops
  • Beaches
  • Berths for cruises and ferries
  • Campsites
  • Car rentals and boat rentals
  • Cleaning services
  • Conference halls
  • Convention and visitors bureaus
  • Golf and pitch and putt courses
  • Hostels
  • Hotels and tourist apartments
  • Industrial tourism centres
  • Marinas
  • Museums and tourist attractions
  • OPC
  • Other services
  • Protected natural environments
  • Restaurants and catering companies
  • Rural accommodations
  • Security companies
  • Shops
  • Ski and mountain resorts
  • Spanish schools for foreigners
  • Taxis
  • Tour guides
  • Tourist information offices 
  • Tourist transport companies
  • Travel agencies
  • Wellness tourism
  • Wineries

Handbook of good practices (GP): model of procedure and assessment

Handbooks of good practices are promoted with the aim to obtain a standard level of quality in the services provided by the various agents in the tourist destination. These documents include a code of practice that needs to be followed by each of the 32 types of businesses. The compliance with these good practices is one of the requirements needed to obtain the quality certificate.

In this way, the handbooks of good practices are a model to be followed by the tourist agent and they also function as an evaluation system.

The SICTED at the Rías Baixas destination today: businesses recognised with the quality standard

The "Commitment to Tourism Quality" label represents an opportunity for the consolidation of Rías Baixas as a destination of reference in tourism quality, and it helps to improve the positioning of the destination and the services offered.

Since the first certification, in 2006, the SICTED label has been granted to 263 companies in the province of Pontevedra.

For further information, contact:

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