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This pack is an exclusive gift, designed and produced 100 % with love and for social purposes in the province of Pontevedra

It contains the aroma of the woods, plant seeds and native herbs that will make you feel like travelling to As Rías Baixas after growing the biodiversity bombs that are inside: Hierbas de San Juan 'St. John's Wort', Brisa Atlántica 'Atlantic Breeze' and Brezo 'Heather'.

The seed booms have been made following the Nendo Dango technique developed by Masanobu Fukuoka more than 70 years ago. This system protects the seeds for long periods. The clay and the natural fertilizers covering these seeds allow them to grow successfully to create this small Atlantic forest created by Resetea.

The packet is natural and reusable, to reduce waste, with a small wooden box manufactured at the Juan María Centre in Nigrán, an institution that provides support, training and job opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities. This box is part of an ephemeral mural composed of 500 units. Each one has been handmade by local artists Doa Oa and Elara Elvira, and you have a part of that unique work, enjoy it!



Find out which piece of the mural is yours:

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We are part of nature and in some places you can feel it.