Rías Baixas Somos Historias

"Somos historias"

The history of the province of Pontevedra is written on stone and nature, a canvas where, over the years, hillforts, monasteries, towers, castles and pazos (Galician manor houses) were painted. A rich historical and cultural heritage decorated with amazing gardens.

Traditions, myths and literature serve as evidence of this history, since As Rías Baixas have been the source of inspiration of renowned writers as Valle-Inclán, Emilia Pardo Bazán or Jules Verne. The major events and the cultural value of the province are commemorated through internationally known festivals. Moreover, amazing museums display some of these valuable tangible and intangible assets.

Somos historias
Somos historias

In the European Year of Cultural Heritage and with the slogan "Somos historias" (We are stories), the Deputación de Pontevedra has decided to promote the heritage of the province in the International Tourism Trade Fair in Madrid (FITUR). A rich cultural heritage which makes the province a first-rate destination for those who consider culture the main reason to choose a destination to enjoy their free time.

María Vinyals as the theme

How can we do it? Through the figure of María Vinyals, a woman who was born in the Soutomaior Castle in 1875, a forerunner of the struggle for equality who demonstrated a firm social commitment and who was, at the same time, in love with her homeland. She wrote these lines:

"(…) because there isn't a region in the world with a greater level of poetry and beauty than Galicia. After returning from a trip, once we reach our mountains, our affection intensifies again, because when you have experienced other climates and admired other landscapes, you realise that there is nothing in the world which can be compared with the province of Pontevedra, the garden of Spain, a beautiful paradise in Galicia".

The Deputación de Pontevedra presents, using this historical figure as theme, a tourist product of international interest which is suitable for any time of the year through eight different types of heritage: fortified, archaeological, landscape, religious and spiritual, literary, ethnographic and cultural, immaterial and natural. The campaign creates spaces for collaboration between the 61 towns, which will be promoted under the label Rías Baixas.

An evocative video shows the attractions of the province through the character of María Vinyals. Inspired by the discovery of the work and the images of the writer and activist in the Museum of Pontevedra, and imbued with her free spirit, a tourist travels around Rías Baixas and is absolutely amazed by its landscapes, castles, pazos… By its history.

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