Rías Baixas Somos Historias

Camellia: beautiful… and delicious

Camellia is by far the most representative flower in As Rías Baixas, and the campaign presented in Fitur 2018 pays tribute to it through a promotional element which has been created by the Deputación de Pontevedra in collaboration with the students of three educational centres of the province. It is a present-box, which will be distributed to tour operators, specialized press and other agents. These boxes, with the slogan "Rías Baixas: somos historias" (Rías Baixas: we are stories), contain food products which have the camellia as the main ingredient.

The initiative is included in the project "A nosa camelia, tan curiosa como sabrosa" (Our camellia, surprising and delicious", which investigates the possibilities of the use of this flower in gastronomy. The box, including a sketch of the Soutomaior Castle and the already mentioned slogan, together with a text by María Vinyals, contains tea biscuits made of Chojiguruma and Narumigata camellias and marshmallows of the Dazzler variety. A notebook with an image of the fortress on its cover will also be handed out.

Camelia: bella… y sabrosa
Camelia: bella… y sabrosa

The mentioned food products have been made by the students in the second year of the Ciclo Superior de Dirección de Cocina and the Ciclo Superior de Dirección de Cocina Dual, two vocational training courses on cooking offered by the educational centre CIFP Carlos Oroza. The design of the box and the way it is presented have been created by students of the school IES Montecelo in Pontevedra in the second year of the Ciclo Superior en Artes Gráficas and in the first year of the FP Básica de Artes Gráficas, two vocational courses in Graphic Arts.

A flower with potential to be used in cooking

The students of the centre CIFP Carlos Oroza have turned parts of the flower into ingredients to be used in different products which any tourist could buy as a souvenir of the province.

The educational project "A nosa camelia, tan curiosa como sabrosa", which received an award from the Galician Ministry of Culture, Education and University Organization, was also implemented in the centre CIFP A Granxa, in the town of Ponteareas. There, the students of the Ciclo Medio de Aceites de Oliva e Viños and of the Ciclo Superior de Vitinicultura have worked to create a vermouth.

The centres involved in this innovative project, with the collaboration of the Deputación de Pontevedra, among other public and private institutions, are also working with other products as beers and liquors.

The Deputación Provincial has decided to include the initiative in Fitur 2018 through the creation and distribution of the box, an exceptional present to promote As Rías Baixas through María Vinyals, the Soutomaior Castle and the work carried out in some educational centres of the province.