Unha viaxe polo nadal

Enjoy Christmas in As Rías Baixas

The glass artisans of Thuringia (Germany) started over two centuries ago the manufacturing of Christmas figures with traditional techniques that are still used today and that have reached other Central European countries. The typical ornament balls give way to other types of carefully made motifs.

The exhibition “Unha viaxe ao Nadal” places the original figures, gathered in the private collection ViCo in different locations of the province of Pontevedra, came from Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland and Austria.

These beautiful figures were placed in different settings throughout As Rías Baxas, such as forests and magical rivers, amazing islands, historical squares, charming thermal towns, monasteries full of legends, enormous castles, symbolic Galician manor houses called pazos, majestic towers, and the coasts where the pirates used to search for treasures.

The figures and the surroundings tell stories of a province with stunning landscapes, a millenary culture and a unique heritage.

Come and join us during Christmas time, and experience As Rías Baixas!

Unha viaxe ao nadal
Unha viaxe ao nadal