Vigo Street Stunts

The event Street Stunts turns Vigo into the hub of modern urban culture

Jumps, acrobatic movements and impossible balancing acts will be part of the third year of the Vigo Street Stunts, held from the 8th to the 10th September: a sports and cultural event where the body and the urban spaces will be in the spotlight

This year's programme has been designed to increase people's participation in the event. Thus, not only more disciplines will be included in the competition, but there will also be a wide range of activities for the visitors coming to the Yatch Club of Vigo. Food and leisure activities for the whole family and concerts complete an event combining different sports activities. The fact of having English names gives us an idea of their international and contemporary nature.

Regarding the competitions, there will be 20 sports events, including some new ones, such as the World Cup Pro Smart Speed Contest, consisting in a competition where a steeplechase is completed in the shortest time; the Spanish Open of Tricking, combining jumps, flips and kicks of different disciplines; the Spanish Street Pole Championship, a dancing technique where a fixed vertical pole is used; the Breakdance Championship and the All Styles Battles, where different styles, such as hip-hop, break-dance or funky, will be performed.

Vigo Street Stunts
Vigo Street Stunts

About 400 professionals from all around the world will gather at the different sports events, including some of the top performers. In addition, this year there will be more events for women, who will have the opportunity to participate in more championships.

 Street Stunts 2017 will also include a long list of free music events. The top of the bill is the opening concert of the popular Spanish DJ and producer Brian Cross, followed by the concerts of different emerging Galician bands of different music styles, and the sessions of more than 40 DJs.

Leisure activities and workshops for the whole family

The event, taking place in an area of 25,000 square metres, also includes leisure activities and food. There is a space known as Street Boulevard, where a dozen of food trucks will prepare Mexican, Italian, Arab, Japanese, Spanish and American dishes. In this space you can also find an area intended for the youngest ones, where they can play in a 14x16-metre inflatable multisport field with goals and basketball hoops.

The organisers wanted to increase the participation of visitors in the event, so they have also organized activities like graffiti, funambulism, capoeira, street dance, pole dancing and taekwondo demonstrations; as well as yoga, Zumba, body combat and Brooklyn combat master classes for all ages. Moreover, those interested in getting to know the urban culture can participate in introductory workshops in tricking, bouldering, taekwondo, capoeira, parkour (performing movements using urban obstacles), slackline (walking along a suspended flat webbing) and street workout (training exercises performed outdoors), among others. Those interested can register on the web page Each workshop has a symbolic price of 1 euro.

Ocio familiar y talleres, Vigo Street
Ocio familiar y talleres, Vigo Street

This event, along with the urban sports festival O Marisquiño, has turned Vigo into the hub of contemporary urban culture expressions. In fact, more than 30,000 people enjoyed the event Street Stunts last year.

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