A gushing treasure

Cuntis and Caldas de Reis, thanks to their healing waters, are an idyllic destination that will bring you the peace you seek in your holiday. The waters of both villages, popular for centuries, have been visited and revered for their positive effects on health. The Gallo and Umia rivers create a welcoming and aristocratic setting, where the Galician noble spirit is still present surrounded by lush oaks and historic buildings.

Located in the valley of the Gallo River, a tributary of Umia River, the municipality of Cuntis is surrounded by mountains with woodlands. This environment is perfect to find the peace necessary to get away from your daily life.

The healing spring waters of Cuntis bring back both physical and mental wellbeing to any visitor. Treatments range from the most popular, such as anti-stress or physical therapy, to others more specialized, like those to treat fibromyalgia, anti-snuff, respiratory problems, etc.

It offers the possibility to stay for a few hours or several days, and provides services nor only to treat health issues but also to receive beauty care and nutrition treatments. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to stay in a four star hotel with full board accommodation, devoting yourself in body and soul to relaxation.

On the same bank of the Umia River we find the village of Caldas de Reis, perfect for a walk. The green lung of the town, popularly known as centennial garden, with more than sixty species of trees from five continents, is just one of the reasons that invite you to come to this place. Here people greet pilgrims walking through the old town on the Way of Saint James, which points out the importance of this town, strategically located in the province of Pontevedra and whose thermal waters would soon lead to the creation of two resorts: Davila and Acuña.

Acuña hot springs, founded in the beginning of the nineteenth century, and Davila hot springs, in the late eighteenth century, offer a wide range of treatments. Many people benefit from them to face the last two stages to the cathedral of Saint James in good shape and relaxed.

You can enjoy all services without leaving its facilities but outside you can also walk along the Roman bridge and through the oak forest near the river and the historic site. In Caldas de Reis there are two churches that draw the attention of those who visit the town for the first time, the church dedicated to St. Thomas Becket, unique in Galicia, because here he made a stop on his pilgrimage to the city of the Apostle. This church was built using stones from the tower of Doña Urraca, where King Alfonso VII was born.

The Romanesque of the twelfth century is present in the second of the two mentioned temples, Santa María Church. Despite being destroyed by Almanzor, their reconstructions allow us to read the inscriptions on the walls with enigmas of the Way of Saint James, and recognize certain influence of Mestre Mateo in the works of the stone walls.

Definitely, an experience that will bring relaxation to those who visit these two villages, essential in a thermal tour around the province of Pontevedra.

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