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Delicacies of our journey

  • Roscón (ring-shaped cake) from Caldas
    Roscón (ring-shaped cake) from Caldas Baked goods prepared with flour in traditional bakeries have always been very popular. A good example is the tasty roscón from Caldas, a typical dessert prepared with eggs, flour, butter and sugar, with a very characteristic flavour and shape
  • Roscón de yema (egg yolk ring-shaped cake) from A Guarda
    Roscón de yema (egg yolk ring-shaped cake) from A Guarda This traditional dessert, typical of the area of O Baixo Miño, was served during the journey. It was elaborated by the bakeries Alameda, Estévez, Monstserrat and Rogelio.
  • Pazo de Villarei Albariño white wine (Designation of Origin Rías Baixas)
    Pazo de Villarei Albariño white wine (Designation of Origin Rías Baixas) This wine is produced using 100 % of Albariño grapes in a winery situated in the parish of San Martiño de Meis, in O Salnés valley, at the heart of the Rías Baixas wine producing area. Founded in 1993, Pazo de Villarei has been following a thorough winemaking process to produce an excellent single-variety wine, which has been awarded on several occasions.
  • Cheese Dona Cobiña (Cobideza, SC)
    Cheese Dona Cobiña (Cobideza, SC) The cheese factory has two production lines: the conventional and the ecologic line. Its traditional products are made with cow's milk using the grazing method. That is why this cheese has distinctive organoleptic properties. About 100 % of this cheese is produced in the Deza area and in the municipality of Forcarei, in Terra de Montes.
  • Amorodo jam
    Amorodo jam Amorodo is the name of a company of organic preserved vegetables located in Soutelo de Montes (Forcarei) which distributes its products throughout Galicia and also in some areas of northern Spain, Barcelona and Madrid. They only produce seasonal products.
  • Docampo toast bread
    Docampo toast bread Docampo toast bread is the name of the brand used by the company Grupo Alimentario Docampo to commercialize its products of dry bread. The quality of its raw materials, the cutting edge technology used in production and the Galician origin of this product offer an added value. In addition, the toast bread has an excellent quality to price ratio. This product is elaborated with high oleic sunflower oil, which is healthier than the palm oil used by other companies to make this type of bread, and it has a great taste, typical of the traditional bread made in Galicia. It tastes like real bread!
  • Fontecelta mineral water
    Fontecelta mineral water
  • Montserrat Cake Shop
    Montserrat Cake Shop Breakfast and afternoon tea will be served by the staff of the cake shop.