Revenidas: a multicultural festival and grilled sardines in Vilagarcía de Arousa

Dates: 17, 18 and 19 August

The main theme of Revenidas is music in the Galician language combined with big internationally renowned bands . This event of Rías Baixas Fest is held on 17, 18 and 19 August in the town of Vilaxoán (Vilagarcía de Arousa). Since it was created in 2003, both the number of activities and participants have greatly increased. Today, besides concerts, there is a big popular sardiñada (a meal of grilled sardines) and activities where one can enjoy three days with the family to the fullest.

The fishing town of Vilaxoán is a unique place to live a full experience which joins together music, culture, food, craftwork and an exceptional landscape. It will take place in different parts of the town such as the port of Vilaxoán,  the Dona Concha Park, the semi-urban beach of O Preguntoiro and some streets. 

Music without barriers and tasty revenidas

This essential summer event, also known as O Festival das Linguas (Festival of the Languages), has been always committed to the promotion of the Galician culture and its people. In this festival, the audience can enjoy Galician music in two different stages, with great bands such as Keltoi! from Vigo, and the combative Cuarta Xusta and the rap band Ezetaerre, as well as national artists like Soziedad Alkoholika and international ones as the Scottish band The Real McKenzies, Balkan Bomba, Glaukoma, the Italian NH3 or the Finnish Steve ‘n’ Seagulls.

Another main element in this multicultural festival will be the revenidas, name used in the town of Vilaxóan to refer to sardines that are salted and allowed to rest before being grilled . This is an unmissable event for many people, who are willing to participate in the big popular food event known as sardiñada, in which everyone can taste one of the main products of the Galician cuisine.

There is acamping area free of charge near the concert stages, including all the necessary facilities to the people with a three-day ticket. Besides, the festival will have a large free-access area near the port of Vilaxoán where there will be free activities for all audiences: a Great Circus Charity event, cooking demonstrations, the fair Feria Revenida which shows different creative proposals, an area for the electronic music known as Dub, food spaces, etc.

What to see in Vilagarcía de Arousa

Festival Revenidas en Vilaxoan de Arousa
Festival Revenidas, Vilagarcia de Arousa

Amazing natural areas such as those in the towns of A Illa de Arousa, Cambados, Sanxenxo or Combarro (a parish in the town of Poio) are some of the tourist attractions of this festival. Blue flag beaches with crystal waters, stunning landscapes like the one in the Cortegada Island, which is part of the Galician Atlantic Islands Maritime-Terrestrial National Park, one of the most amazing laurel forests in Europe, as well as delicious fish, shellfish and different types of wine make As Rías Baixas the perfect place to enjoy good food.

Ría de Arousa can be admired from several striking viewpoints such as the one in Xiabre hill. This coastal inlet is a unique landscape where the sea and the charm of wild nature combine with beautiful gardens like the ones of the Galician manor house Pazo Rubianes, with a forty- hectare Garden of International Excellence boasting more than 4,500 camellias from the 17th century. In the area there are other pazos that can be visited such as Vista AlegreA GolpelleiraO Rial and Sobrán which are part of a popular route.

If one wants to learn about the past of the region, a good option is to visit archaeological sites like castro Alobre, which dates back to the end of the Iron Age, in the 1st century B.C. Important events in history are commemorated with popular festivities such as the internationally renowned Viking landing of Catoira, at the bottom of the fortress Torres de Oeste, held every year on the first Sunday of August, and, on the same date, another festival is held in Cambados to pay tribute to the popular white wine albariño.

Illa de Cortegada
Vino albariño