Vive Nigrán: the funniest picnic pop festival in O Val Miñor

Dates: 20 and 21 July

A combination of music and outdoor activities turn Vive Nigrán, also known as the “picnic pop festival”, into an unmissable event in the Rías Baixas. The festival also offers an extensive programme of activities in which gastronomy, landscape, sea, sport and culture are the main elements. In a privileged spot, very close to the Praia América Beach, the youngest festival of Rías Baixas Fest will leave a good impression on those who want to live an unforgettable summer.

The best national music together with proposals from the other side of the pond, like the Argentinian Nathy Peluso, will perform their music at Lourido, the former football pitch of the town. Other bands such as Sidonie, Mueveloreina, The Limboos, Depedro, Esteban & Manuel, Bigott, Abraham Boba DJ Set (León Benavente) or Las Odio will make the participants move their bodies and sing every song of their favourite artists.

A global experience for all ages

Vive Nigrán is considered a “picnic pop festival”, aimed at offering a global experience in which the music is connected with a wide range of outdoor activities for all audiences. Most of them are creative cultural activities: games and workshops to learn while having fun, foodtrucks with a rich culinary offer, a street market with interesting creative proposals, DJ sessions to make you dance till down, talks, etc.

The festival philosophy is that everybody who comes to Nigrán in July, no matter their age, can enjoy the place. This town, in the middle of the region of O Val Miñor, is one of the favourite destinations for the visitors in As Rías Baixas. Participants will have the opportunity to enjoy the place, culture, landscape and people of the town, while listening to the music of emerging and renowned artists.

Playa Patos, Nigrán
Playa Patos, Nigrán

What to see nearby

Vive Nigrán takes place on the idyllic fine sand beach Praia América. This beach is the setting of Domingo Villar’s novel Death on a Galician Shore; he is considered one of the most important Galician writers in contemporary Spanish Literature. Heritage, culture and landscape are combined in this fishing town of the region of O Val Miñor.

The Monteferro Peninsula has incredible beaches such as Patos, a perfect place to practice sport activities. Its viewpoint offers amazing views of the inlet Ría de Vigo and the archipelago Illas Cíes, which is the gem of the Galician Atlantic Islands Maritime-Terrestrial National Park. It is also worth visiting the A Foz and A Ramallosa estuaries, protected areas perfect to watch water and migratory birds.

Close to Nigrán is Baiona, the first town to learn about the Discovery of America when the caravel “Pinta” arrived in port on 1 March 1493. So, every year on this date the town celebrates a festival declared of International Tourist Interest named “Arribada”.

Moreover, this lovely fishing town is also known because of its 3-km walled Monte Boi Fortress and for being a popular destination to enjoy the famous Rías Baixas’ cuisine.