Rías Baixas Somos Historias

The ghost of the castle and the secret weapon which was to end the Great War

When Carlos Micó, director of the newspaper Los Aliados, visited the Castle of Soutomaior, he found a strange person alone in one of the rooms, and he greeted him. When he inquired whether the man was going to have lunch with them, María Vinyals shivered and asked him if he had really seen him, as she thought that she and her husband were the only ones who could see him. María asked Carlos Micó to talk to him, in the hope that the ghost disappeared from their lives. And their guest accepted. The strange man said he was from Germany, born and educated in Heidelberg, and that he lived in the castle, as he was the tutor of the former owner's nephew. He had built a laboratory in the cellar and used to spend his time there calculating complex formulas. This would lead him to discover a powerful weapon which could help the Germans win the I World War. He hid the formula in the wall of a room in the ground floor of the castle, and went hunting with the owners. However, he never came back, because he died after suffering a terrible fall from the horse. He had been roaming the castle ever since, terrified at the idea that somebody discovered the formula, which was meant to end in German's hands. He asked Carlos Micó insistently to destroy the document and once he agreed, the ghost led him to it.

Carlos Micó related the events to María Vinyals and his second husband, Enrique Lluria, and to the other relatives and friends who were in the castle that day. Enrique suggested going to the place immediately and asking a construction worker to dig a hole at the exact point in the wall. They went to the cellar of the castle, fascinated by what was happening, and when the builder took a brick out, they discovered a sixty-centimetre hole. There, they found the book, covered with mould. María pounced on it, but Carlos Micó quickly snatched it out of her hands, as he had promised the ghost that he would destroy the book. They all followed him to the living room; and there, they lit a fire in the fireplace and waited in silence until the document disappeared completely. The Alemanote (the strong German), as the ghost was known because of his strong physical appearance, has never been seen again.