Fiestas en Rías Baixas

Noticia presentación campaña Ven A las Rías Baixas

“Ven Ás Rías Baixas” is the new campaign of the Deputation to reactivate the tourism in the province of Pontevedra

Carmela Silva insists in the security of the destination and the authenticity of his offer: nature, heritage and gastronomy in the paradise

“Come” is the new campaign that has been presented today by the Provincial President, Carmela Silva. She was accompanied by the singer Najla Shami,”the voice and the face of this touching video.” This video, which has the hashtags “Visit As Rías Baixas”, “Visit the province of Pontevedra”, directly addresses visitors “because the time has come for you to come”, guarantees them an “absolutely safe” destination, reminds them that during the crisis “we have been preserving this gift to have an even better province” and ask them to “follow their instincts and enjoy the company of this magical people and a magical place".

Woods, rías (coastal inlets), beaches, vineyards, cascades, lighthouses and castles of the province combine in this new video. Carmela Silva has pointed out that this video “makes it clear that, if you want to discover and live a beautiful natural destination, with a rich heritage and gastronomy, you must come to As Rías Baixas, to the province of Pontevedra.” The President has emphasized that this campaign has to be understood taking into account all actions taken by the Deputación since the beginning of the health crisis.

“All our actions have been adapted to the new situation, such as the campaign ‘Travel tomorrow’, which called for responsibility, considering safety, encouraging citizens to postpone their trips and informing them that during this lockdown we were preserving and taking care of our treasures, to keep them in the best condition when tourists could come back. And now that time has come.” 

“Come” is in line with “Follow your instincts”, the campaign “that precisely bets on the kind of tourism that is most popular these days: nature, sustainable, not overcrowded and linked to culture. In fact, we have all programming ready so visitors can also benefit from it,” the President stated. This campaign is aimed at visitors from Spain and north Portugal, “which, since the beginning of the pandemic, is in line with the Strategy of the Secretary of State for Tourism of boosting nearby tourism. We have also adapted our message to the objectives of the World Tourism Organization on sustainability, ethical development and safety.”


A luxury ambassador

The singer Najla Shami is the voice and the face of the campaign. Moreover, one of her songs is the soundtrack of the video. She is travelling across the province encouraging people to visit As Rías Baixas and, as Carmela Silva has stated, “she is one of the most representative voices of the Galician culture, the perfect ambassador of the province with her music, her words and her commitment to the territory”. Shami has proudly talked about her participation in the campaign. “It is a huge pleasure. I am in love with this province. Galicia perfectly understands multiculturalism because it has experienced it first-hand. Galician people is magical, special, unique and different from other human beings on the planet. Tourists must come and enjoy it.”

Getaway proposals

In addition to this video, visitors will be offered getaways and other experiences and activities to do during their stay. There will be 13 getaways in total that can be done in a day, or in several days if they are combined; seven of them along the coast and six in inland regions. They include all regions and encourage visitors to enjoy their attractions. Along the coast there are getaway proposals at the coastal inlets Ría de Arousa, Ría de Pontevedra and Ría de Vigo, and also at the region of O Morrazo. The proposals in the inland regions include the banks of the River Miño, from of O Condado to O Rosal; the regions of Deza and Tabeirós-Terra de Montes; the region of Caldas; or the regions of Fornelos de Montes and Pazos de Borbén.

The campaign already has an ambitious promotion plan, which will last until the end of the year and will invest 116,000 euros. It is intended for people between the ages of 35 and 60, and families that live in the outskirts of cities and urban areas of more than 50,000 inhabitants. “We want to reach —Carmela Silva assured— 12 million people and attract visitors seeking cultural and nature tourism, because these are the most popular and requested elements among people interested in our destination.”


Regarding actions, the President has explained that the campaign will be present both in online and offline media, “but betting on digitalisation in line with the Network of Smart Tourist Destinations, of whose executive we are members.” This way, “online media will give us essential information to take appropriate actions, such as measuring the campaigns in real time. This will help us to take suitable measures, to stablish geographical segmentation, and to have a direct impact on our target audience.” Concerning offline media, “videos with very impressive images will be broadcasted, defining our corporate image with a great diversity of formats that will enable us to reach people.”

This campaign will take place in summer (until 16th August) and in autumn (from 1st September to 13th December). During the first stage, aimed at people from Galicia, the rest of Spain and Portugal, actions will be focused on social media, rich media and specialised journals, and also on smart TVs, used by more than 10 million Spaniards on the largest platforms.

The second stage, undertaken in autumn, will focus on strategic areas —such as Madrid, the Basque Country, Asturias and Castile La Mancha— to attract visitors. In this case, “it will revolve around products of cultural and nature tourism, and it will be broadcasted in national and social media, targeting at long weekends, when people plan short getaways.”