Fiestas en Rías Baixas

O Baixo Miño

The southwestern part of the province of Pontevedra gets its name from the Miño River. It is a perfect combination of coastline, mountain and river which surprises anyone who visits it. In fact, O Baixo Miño is a popular destination for its great landscape value and a rich archaeological heritage. Climbing up to the top of the Santa Trega Hill, with amazing views over the Miño River is a must. There, it is worth visiting the archaeological site, one of the most remarkable ones in Galicia due to its good state of preservation.

Every town in O Baixo Miño has a gem of the culture and the historical heritage of Pontevedra. Some examples are the Monastery of Santa María de Oia, the only one in Europe on the seaside; the Cathedral of Santa María de Tui; the stunning group of sixty mills known as Mills of O Folón and O Picón (O Rosal); and the large number of constructions dating from Roman times in the town of Tomiño.

The Aloia Hill, one of the most important natural spots of the area, was declared Natural Park in 1978. It is a green wood with trails surrounded by a unique nature. And, to round off your day through the history and the beautiful landscapes of O Baixo Miño, you can taste a wine from the town of O Rosal, under the Designation of Origin Rías Baixas.