Follow the footsteps of Mrs Urraca in O Condado

As Neves, Salvaterra and Mondariz: Go into fortresses and castles to finish the day in the waters of Mondariz

Heritage in As Neves


The border between the villages of As Neves and Arbo preserves an important heritage. Even today it is possible to visit mámoas (burial mounds), petroglyphs and castros (pre-Roman hillfort settlements). Altamira is one of the most important archaeological sites in this area; here a settlement settled over 2,000 years ago and survived for a while after the Roman conquest. Moreover, there are many legends surrounding this site.

Salvaterra do Miño


Galicia and Portugal have strong bonds but in the 10th century the relationship was not very fluid, so the fortress of the village of Salvaterra de Miño was built in order to protect the village from Portuguese attacks. In these premises, you can also find the Casa do Conde and the caves of Doña Urraca, where the Condado de Tea Wine Science Museum is. You must make a reservation for a guided tour and a wine tasting.

Ponteareas and Castro de Troña


We recommend you to stop at the capital of the region of O Condado and stroll around the pedestrian old town and visit the Municipal Museum, located in the old tannery that used to belong to the Garra family. You can also visit Castro de Troña, whose heyday dates between the 1st century BC and 2nd century AD.

Sobroso Castle


The Sobroso Castle is surrounded by a large forest park and a beautiful botanical path. Visit this privileged spot to know more about the history of Pontevedra and its historical figures, such as Doña Urraca. Since it is located close to the Miño River, which served as a natural border with Portugal, it allowed the Bishopric of Tui to control communications between the inland and coastal areas.

Relax in Mondariz


There is nothing better than finishing the day at one of the spa resorts in As Rías Baixas: the Balneario de Mondariz. Opened in 1873, it is one of the most famous thermal villages in Europe, and its facilities were renovated to offer innovative treatments in a historical setting.