A day to remember in the coastal inlet Ría de Arousa

Vilagarcía, Vilanova and A Illa: good food, a magical island, and a sunset from the rocks

Cortegada Island


Visit the most unexplored island of the Galician Atlantic Islands Maritime-Terrestrial National Park. This island is home to one of the largest laurel forests in Europe. A series of small lagoons, the ruins of an old chapel, and a calvary make up this beautiful landscape stuck in the past, and create a magical and mysterious aura.


Eating clams in O Carril


Santiago do Carril, better known as O Carril, is one of the most famous parishes of the municipality of Vilagarcía de Arousa. This is one of the most famous shellfishing towns in Galicia. It is known for being a town with one of the most rooted shellfish gathering tradition in Galicia. In fact, a big part of its population earn a living by fishing and gathering shellfish. Clams are the most famous product from this town and one of the most distinctive gastronomic delights in As Rías Baixas.

Visit to Valle-Inclán House-Museum


The best way to start the afternoon is by travelling back in time to know more about the life of the Galician writer Ramón María del Valle-Inclán. Declared a National Historical Monument as the birthplace of Valle-Inclán, the house, owned by the writer’s maternal grandparents, hosts a permanent exhibition about his life, first editions of his books, and documents from his time.

O Carreirón Natural Park


An excellent plan at mid-afternoon is going for a stroll around O Carreirón Natural Park, a peninsula connected to A Illa de Arousa island by the Tombolo of As Salinas. The natural richness in the area helps preserve a great diversity of ecosystems, from sand dune systems to marshlands, including scrublands, pine groves or the impressive underwater landscape in the coast.

Sunset in the lighthouse of Punta Cabalo


There is nothing better to end your day than going to A Illa de Arousa to enjoy a relaxing walk along the coastal inlet to the lighthouse of Punta Cabalo and admire a magical sunset from the rocks. A view you will never forget!