Pontevedra: a paradise for pedestrians

Stroll around the city centre, visit this great museum and enjoy a drink or a meal at any of its squares

Walk along the path of the Lérez River

10.00 am

Pontevedra means "old bridge". This town was named after the former bridge of O Burgo, built by the Romans to cross the Lérez River. The tour begins here with a walk along the bank of the river to reach the Illa das Esculturas (island of sculptures), a combination of nature and art. The whole trail is about 6 kilometres long.

Discover the Museum of Pontevedra

11.00 am

On your way back from the stroll, it is recommended to visit the Museum of Pontevedra, where you can discover the important heritage of As Rías Baixas. Begin the tour in the Sexto Building and enjoy a great collection of paintings and sculptures. The Sarmiento Building, connected to the Sexto and adjacent to the church of San Bartolomeu, will show you some of the archaeological treasures of the province.

Enjoy food in the local market

1.00 pm

Your next stop is the market of Pontevedra, boasting high quality fresh food, with local products from the sea and the land. And, if you want to make the most of your experience, do your shopping in the market; several shops prepare the food you have bought on the spot using the products of your choice.

Immerse yourself in the charm of the old town

3.30 pm

It is time to stroll around the streets and visit some monuments. A good starting point is the square Praza de Méndez Núñez, where a statue of the Galician writer Valle-Inclán welcomes you. Then, head to the Basilica of Santa María; if you go up to its bell tower, you can enjoy magnificent views. Continue to the Ruins of Santo Domingo and then to the church of A Peregrina, the city’s emblem. Nearby are the square Praza da Ferrería and the convent of San Francisco. You end up at the squares of A Leña and A Verdura.

Enjoy the restaurant terraces in Pontevedra

7.00 pm

After touring the beautiful old town, it is time to relax on one of the restaurant terraces of its charming streets and squares. And, if you have been captivated by the atmosphere of the place, you can have dinner in any of the various restaurants of the old town.

Check the street map of Pontevedra and plan your tour.