A viewpoint over the Ría de Vigo

Redondela, Porriño y Mos: Breathtaking landscapes and a town centre in O Porriño with the signature of the great architect Antonio Palacios

Visit to Meirande


Have you ever heard about the famous Battle of Vigo Bay and the legend about the sunken treasure that lies in the coastal inlet Ría de Vigo? The Meirande Interpretation Centre offers you the opportunity to know more about the history of Vigo. It was built to make known the enormous artistic, sociocultural and landscape richness of the Ría de Vigo.

Best bench in the coastal inlet


Climb up to the Campo da Rata viewpoint in the town of Redondela and enjoy peacefully a panoramic view of the Ría de Vigo while sitting on an exceptional wooden bench. The reward is unbeatable: you will be able to admire the Cíes Islands to the front, with the Rande Bridge and the O Morrazo Peninsula just in front of it. Moreover, towards the inside of the coastal inlet you will see the beautiful San Simón Island, which can be visited upon reservation. What else could you ask for?

Cuttlefish from Redondela

We are still in the inlet of San Simón, where the cuttlefish —known as choco, sepia or xiba in Galician—comes from. Three factors are responsible for making it the star dish in Redondela: a unique habitat, the use of ancient fishing techniques and the traditional way of cooking it. Are you going to miss it?

Walking by the Louro River


After having lunch, there is no better plan than taking a walk in the shade by the Louro River. We suggest you to take a nice walk along a 3-kilometre river path that can be accessed from O Porriño and also from Mos. It is the perfect spot to rest and recover when it is too hot.

Palacios in O Porriño


To finish the day trip, discover an open, pedestrian, well-preserved town centre with ancient buildings, manor houses and shops built in porticos. All of this has the signature of the architect Antonio Palacios, who designed the city hall, the fountain Fonte do Cristo and the Botica Nova, an outstanding building that used to be a pharmacy and a residence. Historical architecture, original façades and a pleasant atmosphere to spend the last hours of the day.