Visit the temple of canning

In O Carril you will discover all the secrets of home-made production, from the selection of the best molluscs in the estuary to the preparation of the sauces for the canned foods. Try them all!

One of the singularities O Carril offers its visitors, is the possibility of seeing the shellfish harvesters picking up molluscs in the coastal inlet of Ría de Arousa and the traditional seaside buildings of the parish. But Vilagarcía also keeps a remarkable industrial heritage and is home to one of the most prestigious canning factories in Galicia.

“Peperete” is a word in the Galician language referring to something tasty and pleasant. It is also the name chosen by a long-standing canning firm ("Los Peperetes") that works daily with all the love that define home-made production and have made the delightful canned molluscs from Pontevedra famous.

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  • The cooking process
  • Their 28 types of canned foods
  • The promenade overlooking Cortegada Island
  • A walk through Carril

Canned foods are featured more and more prominently in modern cuisine. There is a great variety of products available with excellent quality. It doesn’t get much better than pairing the delicious canned foods from As Rías Baixas with a bottle of fine Albariño white wine and some delicious bread from O Porriño.

“The family has committed to a 100 % hand-made product of the highest quality. Quite a ritual!”

But let’s start from the beginning! Go to the seaside town of O Carril and visit this small, family canning factory where products are handled with the utmost care and choose from a variety of recipes.

The first industry sector in Galicia

The first canning factory in Spain was built in the 1820s. By the 1880s, there were already 40 companies throughout the country, seven in Galicia. At the time, output was limited and glass jars were used because tinplate had to be imported from England. The crisis in the canning industry in France ended up benefitting Galicia, which started developing its cutting-edge industry in 1882. Interpretación da Conserva (interpretation centre of the canned food) in A Illa you will get to know every aspect of the production process.


From the selection of molluscs to the home-made preparation of the sauces and their unique labelling and packaging, all effort is made in Los Peperetes for reaching clients from all over the world. The family has committed to a 100 % hand-made product of the highest quality. Quite a ritual!

Tasting with Albariño wine

The guided tour to this temple of canning is divided in several parts. The first part focuses on the natural environment and its resources, as well as on a brief history explaining how the canning industry has transformed society. The second parts deals with the concept of traditional manufacturing. The tour ends with a tasting of products paired with a cool glass of Albariño wine.