Stargazing from As Rías Baixas

Islands, hills, observatories... Discover the perfect places and activities in the province of Pontevedra to see the Milky Way, shooting stars, constellations and planets

Taking a break from our daily routine and obligations and using our senses to back to our origins, to a universe that continues spinning, although we may not be aware. We need to reconnect with nature and immerse ourselves in the starry night sky.

In the province of Pontevedra you can live this unforgettable experience. Find the right place, stop, make yourself comfortable and look up at the sky.

Then magic happens and the Milky Way, shooting stars, constellations and even planets come into view. In this province you can find the perfect spots to observe the stars, such as islands, hills, beaches... as well as observatories and many interesting activities related to stargazing. The Atlantic Islands National Park is one of the three tourist destinations that the Fundación Starlight offers in Galicia. Keep reading to discover trips, plans and magical places to enjoy astrotourism!

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  • The Cíes Islands
  • The Forcarei Observatory
  • Looking at the stars from a sailing boat
  • The Cotobade Observatory
  • Stellar Opera in Cuntis
  • Stargazing in Redondela

1. Guided tours to the Cotobade Observatory

The Cotobade Observatory, in collaboration with the Asociación Astronómica Sirio of Pontevedra, organises free guided tours on Saturdays, which consist of three parts, each lasting 15 minutes

In the first one, the telescope at the observatory dome will be used to explore the sky; after that, a guide will give a short explanation of the stars and the sky with the naked eye; and finally, visitors will see the stars using the telescope placed outside. Opening hours will depend on the time of year.


2. Observing the stars in the Cíes Islands

The activities carried out by the Fundación Starlight on a boat of Naviera Mar de Ons to the Cíes Islands will allow you to discover their landscapes while sailing at night. You can book the Starlight Experience "Sea of Stars" at a cost of €24 per adult and €10 per children. Departures from the town of Cangas will be at 10.30 pm and from the city of Vigo at 11 pm.

Trips will be held on 4 and 25 June; 2, 16, 23 and 30 July; 20 and 27 August; and 3, 17 and 24 September. Moreover, other activities will be also available, such as the Astronomical Experience, with departures from Cangas, at 10.30 pm, and from Vigo, at 11 pm, on 11 June and 8, 9, 10 and 11 August; and the Perseids, having the same departure times and ports, but taking place on 12, 13 and 14 August.


Observatorio de Forcarei

3. Spend your friday or saturday in Forcarei

The Forcarei Observatory and the Fundación Ceo Ciencia e Cultura organise guided tours to show the daily work carried out at the observatory. Moreover, it will be possible to visit its dome and get to know how its professional telescope works. This activity lasts two hours and is intended for everyone, since its contents have been adapted to children and adults. You will enjoy and get to know, depending on the weather, the wonderful night sky of the village of Forcarei accompanied by your family and friends. The visits will cost 15 € for adults and 10 € for children (between 6 and 18 years old), and start on 28 May, taking take place every Saturday. In June and in July opening hours will be from 10.30 pm to 12.30 am, while during August and September from 10 pm to 12 am.


4. A family-oriented activity to observe the sky at night

The Town Council of Redondela organises a family activity to observe the starry sky at night. Here an astronomer will explain the most important stars, the visible constellations and how to orient yourself by observing the sky at night, as well as some legends linked to the stars. It will take place on Friday 3 June at the Tuimil-O Viso football field, from 10.30 pm to 12.30 am, and will be suitable for the general public. Booking will be necessary, as places are limited.

BOOKING: 986 401 713 //

5. Looking at the stars from a sailing boat

The company Sailway organises night boat trips to the Cíes Islands in order to look at the stars illuminating the Atlantic Islands National Park. The departure will be at 8.00 pm from the Royal Yatch Club of Vigo and, once in the islands, you will be able to watch the sunset over the islands. At dusk, you will observe the starry sky from San Martiño Beach (southern island). Depending on the weather, you will visit Rodas Beach, where a guide will briefly explain the stars and constellations. It will cost 80 € (a minimum of three people is required) and will take place on Saturday 4 and Friday 24 June.


Observación estrellas Redondela

6. Picnic & Stellar Opera

Casa A Pedreira Boutique Hotel (located in the village of Cuntis) organises the activity Stellar Opera & Picnic (Starlight Night) on 17 July, where there will be live music by Dolores Crespo and Alejo Amoedo. The picnic will start at 8.00 pm and the opera at 10.00 pm; this activity will cost 35 € and includes a guide certified by the Fundación Starlight.


Casa A Pedreira