Fiestas en Rías Baixas
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Taste As Rías Baixas this Christmas

Five food and wine experiences to give these holidays as a present

Taste As Rías Baixas this Christmas

Is there any better present for Christmas than enjoying a bite of As Rías Baixas? We suggest you five experiences that can be shared with your partner, family and friends. You will have the opportunity to try food of international renown with the best chefs; enjoy the delicious products of our markets; visit the wineries of the Wine Route and the cider press houses; and see for yourselves how local producers obtain top quality products from our sea and earth.

Satisfy the hunger for experiences of your friends and relatives this Christmas! Write down our suggestions, make your purchase or reservation and offer the authentic flavour of As Rías Baixas to your loved ones.



¿Who would not enjoy a meal made with fresh ingredients of the finest quality, cooked by top chefs? In As Rías Baixas, you have a wide offer of both traditional and avant-garde gastronomy to offer to your loved ones. A tour in search for the flavours of the province of Pontevedra certainly has to include one or several stops at the restaurants belonging to Grupo Nove, an association that lists several Michelin-starred restaurants and many future star winners. You can make a reservation in Culler de Pau (O Grove), Casa Solla (Poio), Maruja Limón (Vigo), Pepe Vieira (Poio) and Yayo Daporta (Cambados), all of them with a Michelin star. A visit to the restaurants Silabario (Vigo), Pandemonium (Cambados) or Eirado da Leña (Pontevedra) is also a great gastronomic experience. 
You can ask for a gourmet coupon in Grupo Nove’s website or ask its restaurants directly. Now, all you have to do is enjoy it!<




As Rías Baixas es una región privilegiada para el cultivo de la vid. Su clima suave, su orografía irregular y sus suelos arenosos dan como resultado unos vinos de excelente calidad que están dando la vuelta al mundo. Los viñedos de la Denominación de Origen crecen rodeados de patrimonio y rutas de senderismo o se descuelgan en impresionantes pendientes a la orilla del mar, expuestos a los vientos atlánticos. Si tienes en casa o entre tus amistades a una o un enamorado del albariño, tu regalo es la Ruta del Vino Rías Baixas. Incluye catas y degustaciones, visitas a las viñas y acceso a bodegas históricas. Puedes elegir también restaurantes y hoteles situados en las cinco zonas de producción de la uva albariña. ¡Acertarás seguro! 



Walking through the historic quarters of our sea villages, towns and neighbourhoods is a pleasure for the senses. Now, this experience can be rounded out with a delightful visit to their local markets, which are even more prolific at this time of the year. We can fill our basket with local products with quality seals, like certified potatoes, peppers and other vegetables from our orchards, mussels and seasonal seafood, veal, cheeses or wines. On top of that, the recent incorporation of gastronomic markets allows you to buy your products in the traditional local markets and have them cooked for you on the spot. There is hardly a better place to celebrate your Christmas meals and dinners with friends and relatives. A guaranteed success and a commitment to sustainability.




Mercado de A Guarda

Calle Concepción Arenal, 43, 36780 A Guarda

Mercado de Abastos de Lalín

Calle Rosalía de Castro, 20, 36500 Lalín

Mercado de Baiona

Calle Carabela la Pinta, 11, 36300 Baiona

Mercado de O Berbés en Vigo

Calle Teófilo Llorente, 20, 36202 Vigo

, ,

Mercado de O Calvario en Vigo

Calle Urzáiz, 183, 36205 Vigo


Mercado de O Progreso en Vigo

Calle del Progreso, 28, 36202 Vigo

Progreso 41 Urban Market (, , , ), Mercado (, , , )

Mercado municipal de Tomiño

Plaza de O Seixo, s/n, 36740 Tomiño



Novo Mercado de A Estrada

Calle Waldo Álvarez Insúa, s/n, 36680 A Estrada


, ,

Plaza de abastos de Cangas

Paseo de Castelao, 4, 36940 Cangas do Morrazo


Plaza de abastos de Bueu

Calle de Montero Ríos, 107, 36930 Bueu


Plaza de abastos de Cambados

Avenida de Galicia, s/n, 36630 Cambados


Plaza de abastos de Moaña

Calle Arenal, s/n, 36950 Moaña

Plaza de abastos de Pontevedra

Avenida Buenos Aires, s/n, 36002 Pontevedra


, O Mercado (, )

Plaza de abastos de Portonovo

Carretera de A Lanzada, s/n, 36970 Portonovo



Plaza de abastos de Vilanova de Arousa

Avenida González Besada, s/n, 36620 Vilanova de Arousa


Plaza de abastos de O Grove

Avenida Irmáns Otero Goday, s/n, 36980 O Grove




Do you want to catch shellfish in any of our rías (coastal inlets)? In the province of Pontevedra there are already companies and associations offering practical courses about shellfish gathering and group visits to extraordinary places, like Cortegada Island, or to our fish ports and markets to know the destination of the excellent products from our estuaries. We can go on a route with professional guides to learn how to gather clams and be taught the techniques to spot the mollusc underground and identify them. We can conclude our field trip with the vibrant experience of seeing the auctions at the fish market. They are always full of smells and voices, since the auctions are live when they are not done electronically. If you want to live this experience or offer it as a gift you must contact the specialized companies.




In A Estrada, a spectacular area with plenty of forest and fields, time seems to come to a halt. Here you will find several old houses turned into cider houses. We recommend you to take a short stroll among the apple trees and taste the cider afterwards. The ancient local industry has come back strongly in this region of the province of Pontevedra. The local cider producers have made an intense effort to bring back to life this traditional activity, carried out amidst the green valleys and beautiful banks of the rivers Ulla, Umia and Liñares.



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