Rías Baixas Fests 2021

Rías Baixas Festivals are coming in summer. These seven unmissable events bring the best music as well as leisure activities, sports and excellent food. Great artists and promising bands take the stage surrounded by a stunning landscape; riders and bikers play their tricks in front of thousands of people; and great Michelin-starred chefs perform cooking demonstrations in front of a large audience. You should attend them all!

Atlantic Fest

O Marisquiño


SonRías Baixas

Vive Nigrán



One magical island; an oak grove with the best music, and renowned chefs ready to cook for the audience. Four seaside towns where big bands take the stage in a unique atmosphere. And the largest city in Galicia that becomes the capital of action sports and urban culture in Europe

It sounds good, doesn't it? They are the music festivals Rías Baixas Fests, a series of festivals with the best ingredients: renowned artists, the best food, and recreational activities with the Rías Baixas hallmark. Moreover, they are held in privileged settings where nature combines with the spirit of this coastal land.

Official sites: PortAmérica, Vive Nigrán, Atlantic Fest, Sinsal, SonRías Baixas, O Marisquiño, Revenidas.